FEAR 2: Project Origin Review (OXCGN) Still scary a second time round?


"On almost every account it is an improvement on the original. The AI is smarter with enemies ducking for cover and reacting to explosions. The slow-motion is back and now enemies even glow blue in this mode for quickly seeing the edge of adversaries hiding behind cover. But most of all, the levels have a lot more variety."

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gaminoz3530d ago

Yeah the first game was good for the slow-mo and scares but being stuck in an office building the whole game sucked.

Glad there is more variety, but with games like Dead Space out now, I doubt the scares are as amazing. Still it is nice that a shooter goes beyond the usual 'shooting' and adds some other element to it besides glossier presentation.

Scary little phsychotic girls that don't die...amazing that they can be more freaky than baddies with glowing eyes and monsters from beneath the planet...

Immortal Kaim3530d ago

I played the demo and I have to say, I was really surprised. The little girl (sorry forget name) was bloody creepy. I like the way they did the apparitions as well, very impressive tech.

gaminoz3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

The girl's name is Alma....

Next time I go to Alma Park Zoo in Brisbane I expect there to be a psycho little girl exhibit...

Godem3530d ago

the game is good, but its no where near as impressive as the first game was.

gaminoz3530d ago

I think the game was impressive when it came out on the PC but by the time it got to the 360 it wasn't as amazing...

Repetitive environments annoy me, even if the gameplay is solid.

Steelspawn3530d ago

Haven't played either - these games just stress me out too much. I have a hard time with L4D as it is!

REALgamer3530d ago

I've got to say, FEAR 2 is definitely not as scary as the first (which itself I don't think was as scary as Monolith's other game, Condemned) but one scene in FEAR 2 in a bathroom freaked me out pretty good.

But despite what some people have said there are some bits that graphically look pretty awesome (think futuristic research facility) but weren't in the demo. They should have had a much better demo imo, because it didn't show the quality of the final game very well.

gaminoz3530d ago

The first Condemned was sooo under-rated. Wierd ending though.

darkmurder3530d ago

This or street fighter, woe is me!

REALgamer3530d ago

SHouldn't it be 'this or StreetFighter or Killzone 2 or Halo Wars'? (depending on console owned).