Gamestyle: Deus Ex 3 Preview

Gamestyle writes: "Deus Ex 3 will remain the subject of much debate and speculation amongst fans of the series until it arrives and then after. Gamestyle hopes that the team appreciates that the series isn't necessarily about shooting your way to the ending. We have plenty of other experiences that offer such a journey; instead Deus Ex can represent choice, freedom and new solutions to old problems. Eidos will be hoping that the franchise can be resurrected to great success as seen with Tomb Raider of late".

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this games is gonna be awesome, loved the first one

poopface13533d ago

hopefully this one sticks more o the original than the second one did. Whatever, Ill buy it anyways.

Cynical-Gamerzus3532d ago

Damn I loved this game from start to finish !!
This game always had a polish and story unlike many others I sure whish they do this game justice for Next gen !!!!
cant wait