PSP Plus Gives DualShock 3 Support to Resitance: Retribution good news for gamers who own PSP and PS3 ?

This one isn't a total surprise, but Sony has officially announced PSP Plus, a software package built into Resistance: Retribution that will allow you to use your DualShock 3 controller (that means dual analog sticks and rumble) with the upcoming PSP shooter.

There is a catch, people. There's always a catch. To enable this feature, you have to connect your PSP to your PS3 while running Resistance 2 to enable the feature. From R2, there's a menu option to enable PSP Plus! for your handheld version. If you're a Resistance fan, I'd imagine you're picking up both anyway. You'll also be able to use the video out features of the PSP Slim or PSP Bright to watch on your big screen.

The PSP Plus! mode turns off aim assist, adds vibrate, gives you dual analog controls, and increases the challenge level of the game. You know, make it harder since you have real controls.

I'm personally very much looking forward to this. Not sure how happy I'll be going from home to mobile gaming switching between the PSP controls and the DS3, but we'll see how it plays out. Hopefully more games start to incorporate this functionality.

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Cajun Chicken3528d ago

Nice, but for this I need a new PSP and a Dualshock 3, games first, pepherials after.

The gaming GOD3528d ago

I mean come on, resistance 2 has an option for it right in the menu. So that was a dead give away

PirateThom3528d ago

They also announced this when they announced the game!