Daily Joystick: RACE Pro Review

Daily Joystick writes: "If I were to mention "Simbin" to you, what would you imagine? A simulated trash can? I'll hazard a guess that the majority of people out there would do the same. If, however, you are a connoisseur of racing games (more importantly, Simulation racing games) your ears have probably pricked up and you're looking for the nearest Apex. Simbin, award winning Swedish development studio have brought PC gamers, over the space of the past 5 years, some of the best and most meticulous racing simulations ever conceived. Forget your Gran Turismo or your Forza - they are designed for all players and people who prefer their Suzuki Swifts to their 600BHP fire-spitting GT cars. Their games make no apologies for what they are: hardcore, hard-charging brutal simulations."

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panasonic233528d ago

awesome this should keep me busy until forza 3 comes out.

NaiNaiNai3528d ago

why me no see trolls from the other threads. T_T oh yea, they stay away from the high scoring ones.

3528d ago
Scotracer3528d ago

I could have taken the HipHopGamer guide to posting on N4G and put some flamebait in the title...but I think the review itself should answer their questions enough.

(I wrote the review btw) I've been playing the game a lot today and whilst there aren't many people online (obviously) it is great fun - the AI makes the single player career very enjoyable. People should pick this up and see what they've been missing!