The Best Video Game Engines in Gaming

TGS discusses the best game engines in the business.

"Any gamer knows that the heart of a great game is a well made and powerful game engine. It is the beast that gives life to our favorite past time and takes us places we will never see or experience in real life. Whether you want to walk on walls, see through buildings, explore an alien world, dodge bullets, run over a pink convertible in a diesel truck or kill four zombies with one grenade, it is a game's engine that allows us to digitally master these stunts without actually risking our lives."

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topgeareasy3624d ago

what about

Source engine

SAiOSiN3624d ago

far cry 2 is graphically underrated. imho it looks miles better than gears 2. i hope IW does a great job with cod6.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I didn't know IW was already working CoD6! Last I heard they were working on CoD4: MW2. =/

KillZone 2 didn't even get a spot... WOW! GTAIV looks like a water painting and the only things that look good in Unreal 3 are metal, rocks and metal.

NMC20073624d ago

Unreal Engine 3 powers Lost Odyssey, and I think it's a little more than metal and rocks.

Here is the video review, not for the review but a good look at the game.

cayal3624d ago

"I didn't know IW was already working CoD6! Last I heard they were working on CoD4: MW2. =/"

I don't know if you were being sarcastic of not, but MW2 is essentially COD6.

cayal3624d ago

"far cry 2 is graphically underrated"

Far Cry 2 looks amazing.

The game just frustrates me though.

MNicholas3624d ago

Rubbish premise. Choices are utterly random and unsubstantiated and not based on a consistently applied set of criteria.

sumguy813624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

rivals crysis. cryengine does some things better still, but in alot of ways it can't keep up with Dunia.

the unreal engine 3 and the cod engine both need to go the hell away.

and the reason why the gta engine is so good is not because of how many polygons it can pack into each character. it's how much is going on on the screen and how realistic it feels. don't knock that engine. although i will say that i hope they move on after the next gta to a new engine.
and i still say source engine looks better on pc than most games do on console. AA/AF ftw!

EDIT: what bothers me is that we're all sitting here putting so much emphasis on graphics. everyone is forgetting out more important things like the minor details and the ai. most of these engines look real nice but significantly lack ai. and in cod, the character models look okay, and the environment looks alright. but the trees and other foliage don't move at all. and that engine is too easily glitched.

ape0073624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

the killzone 2 engine,im nearly at the end of it,all I can say that you'll not believe how powreful and how vicsios is this game,never seen anything like it

im a big cod 4 fan,killzone 2's graphics makes cod feel much less powerful

killzone 2 will own

and where the heck is mgs4 engine and uncharted engine?

off topic,damn,servers are not up,can't wait until feb.27 for online

psn ID:zeroape,your welcome

LoVeRSaMa3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

All they have done is list recent Engines of good games, in terms of what an engine is an whaat can be done with it most games on the list fail.

Mainstream and well working Engines are in the order:

1) Unreal Engine*
2) Source Engine*
3) Cry Engine

Source Engine might be number 1 tbh, think of all the games that use it, PC terms its number 1, console UE3 is.

Thats the top 3 Engines to date in terms of what they can do, Killzone 2 is AMAZING but we havent had time to judge the engine yet, but I believe there will be a spot up there for it, we will be able to see more if GG share the engine with other 1st parties.

oh and as for COD 4, I am sick of people bumming it to death, its a great game, good multiplayer but it hasnt really pushed anything, its just an Average FPS, so can people stop making it out to be 2nd coming.

Thanks, peace.

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Smileys3624d ago

I would add the Source engine because I love the Half-Life series.
Plus its still being used in new games.

Graphics Whore3624d ago

Source engine looks good, Left 4 Dead looks okay on Xbox 360 but on a comp with full settings 8600GTS 1440x it looks gorgeous.

L4D is the best use of it so far but I'm pretty sure it's the most updated as well.

LeonSKennedy4Life3624d ago

I'd say Episode 2 looks miles better than Left 4 Dead...and I'm running them both on full settings with an HD 1440 X 900.

FarEastOrient3624d ago

Left 4 Dead on PC looks so much better than my Xbox 360 version, only one thing I have against it is the allocation of usage of RAM being less efficient than engines like Crysis or Unreal engines. I haven't reviewed the RAGE middleware on my PC because the GTA IV has so many bugs on the PC version I couldn't test it or run it properly so far.

Hallucinate3624d ago

wow the CoD engine over KZ2...thats an insult to GG

lelo3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

"Frankly, Crysis Warhead has the best visuals I have ever seen, period. There is currently no more realistic and detailed game world than that created by the CryEngine 2"

I agree with this... you have to see CryEngine 2 in action on a mid/high end PC. It really is fantastic, especially on a open world game like Crysis.

Elven63624d ago

Likewise, not just the graphical capabilities but all the other rendering that was happening in the background (effects, destructibility, etc). I for one am excited to see how well it transitions over to the console.

M337ING3624d ago

I'm worried I'll be disappointed. Given that they are unable to port Crysis' "open-world" levels, it wouldn't be surprising if console Cryengine 2 games are just prettied-up linear shooters that we're all used to.

Nihilism3624d ago

i play with 3.2 quad 4gig ram gtx280 oc and it's kicks the sh%^ outa kz2
(it's on a console how good could it ever be), next 4 me is farcry 2, after that it's kinda hard 2 say...alot of games have a similar look, but those 2 engines are unique

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