OXM: Death Tank Review

As essentially an HD real-time remake of the early '90s turn-based war game Scorched Earth, Death Tank delivers bite-sized fun against bots or friends. With each player controlling a tank, you set your cannon's trajectory and intensity with the left stick, then fire at and obliterate your opponents with the right trigger. Various power-ups like jump jets or nukes - purchased between the 10-30-second rounds using money earned from killing foes - aid your quest for victory (as does blasting the terrain out from under them), and the six-player action is raucous. But basic and advanced 20-round campaigns (which only take 10-15 minutes to complete) are all you get for solo play. At $15, Death Tank is ludicrously overpriced.

* Awesomely fun multiplayer

* Single player lacking significantly
* Absurd price point

* What happened to cheap and fun XBLA games?

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