PSX Extreme: Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "The flight genre has never been considered a mainstream attraction, despite the success of franchises like Ace Combat. Even so, we continue to get a few flight efforts each generation that turn out to be both solid and entertaining, so perhaps you should pay attention to Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II for the PSP. Scheduled to release next month, this hybrid arcade-based/simulator allows you to experiment with 17 different planes and tackle over 240 missions; you can choose to fly for the British Royal Air Force, the German Air Force, or the U.S. Air Force. Hell, you can even sign on with the Russians if you so choose, and take to the skies as a rookie pilot, desperate to learn the ropes before you meet your fiery end. Although such games will always benefit from the advanced technology of home consoles, we figure this could make for a really fun handheld adventure. Let's just hope the developers implement an accessible control scheme for the handheld user."

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