Three industry-defining games for 2009

There aren't a whole lot of computer games I feel like playing right now. Sure, I can pick up some of my favorites like Fable 2 or Gears of War 2, but I'm ready for something new. Where is it?

Looking at release calendars, I found that none of the games I'm eagerly waiting for is that far off. This helps me feel better about gaming this year; I had been expecting 2009 to be a little dull.

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dan881233532d ago

K2- Graphics
Heavy Rain- Story
I ran out of thights ;(

Smileys3532d ago

I would add Alan Wake.
And HL2EP3 but it is never gonna come out. :(

kparks3532d ago

the only game i want to be really good is 50 cent blood on the sand i dont know why i want to buy this but really hope it turnes out good also getting killzone 2 and im looking hard at HAWX but i expect them to be really good so

odisho683532d ago

Killzone 2 is a must buy for all ps3 owners that has already been established.

RE5 is for fans of the series (which I am one of them), I don't really see people that have never played RE picking this one up though, hopefully I'm wrong about that.

Punch Out!!!!! damn it I just shipped off my Wii...sold it on Ebay for $400 not bad at all. That is still not a reason for me to repurchase a Wii. I liked my Wii but it just wasn't worth it. The games were too casual (even the games that were considered hardcore), and I fail to see how any games that are coming out are gonna change that factor about the Wii.
I actually think Conduit or Mario Tennis (if it comes out) will be more game defining experiences this year for the Wii than Punch Out, but who knows?? If it includes motion plus then congrats for Wii owners...but I think imma just stick to my PS3...after all killzone 2, street fighter 4, RE5, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, COD Modern Warfare 2, and many many more should keep me busy throughout the year =).