Halo Wars is leaked online for pirates to enjoy

Fuller of XboxInsider writes: "The highly anticipated Halo Wars is currently being downloaded all around the world by pirates. Halo Wars, which is set to release February 27th in Europe, and March 3rd in the US. The release weighs in at 7gb, and is apparently region free. This news comes after Street Fighter 4 was leaked on the 10th of this month. Developers/publishers/websites really need to tighten security, to stop these games getting leaked so early."


UPDATE: Seems some of the shady gamers playing this release are having difficulty playing it.

[4:54pm][SEARCH] *filename deleted to protect the game developers* got released 18m 30s ago [NUKED] freeze.after.3rd.cutscene [ XBOX360 / GLoBAL | 6962.2MB in 74F ]

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Danja3533d ago

im sure it wont affect sales by much...360 software sales are always good even with piracy....

DelbertGrady3533d ago

All games get leaked, on all platforms. Wii, 360, PS3, DS, PSP. You name it. And YES, I know the PS3 games aren't of much use.

The only thing this article does is advertise piracy. It's not newsworthy imo.

DavidMacDougall3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

PS3..No? Not over the interwebz they don't.

DelbertGrady3533d ago

Call.of.Duty.4.Modern.Warfare. USA.PS3-PARADOX
Spiderman 3 [MULTI5][PS3][WwW.GamesTorrent s.CoM]

Here are some more if you don't believe me,

I can point you to forums where they discuss PS3 torrents if you still don't believe me.

As I stated before, most games have been taken down since there's no use downloading them.

vhero3533d ago

the difference is the ps3 ones are useless unlike 360 ones :p. Piracy should really put devs off it kills games sales and PS3 does not suffer from piracy.. (clicks download of star ocean IV) :)

Coconutz9193533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

This is why ninjas will always be cooler than pirates.

Cicinho3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Halo Wars XBOX360-GLoBAL IPTElite [FreeLeech]

Downloading now, 6.7gb, not too bad, freeleech too :D. Enjoy your waits.

DelbertGrady3532d ago

You guys obviously don't read my comments...

"And YES, I know the PS3 games aren't of much use."

"As I stated before, most games have been taken down since there's no use downloading them."

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Roper3163533d ago

why am I not surprised by this?

Zeus Lee3533d ago

Won't hurt sales that much,40-60 thousand at most.

TheHater3533d ago

40000 * $60 = $2,400,000 in sales they lost.

Smileys3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Illegally downloaded copy of the game does not mean a lost sale. Most people that download the game illegally wouldn't of bought it in the first place.
40,000 downloads does not = 40,000 lost sales.

KillaManiac3533d ago

and each sold copy does not mean 100% income for the company who made

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Th3 Chr0nic3533d ago

well u can double that number now that n4g just alerted the less antentive priates to the new release

BrunoM3533d ago

lol you know what thats 100% what i had on my mind lol... now that number is going WAYYYY up lol...

and as far as lost sales humm maibe thouse people would not be sales but some would and thats the WHY of makers like capcom THQ and well almost all of them sa they make more money on the ps3 than the 360 even tho the 360 have more 5 to 7 Mil out there ..

sucks for the makers of Halo Wars .. i gess in a few hours we will see the end of the game posted some were lol..

(on a side note i bet ign gamespot all thouse site are downloading the game aswell to see the end and shi1t lol

jib3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

most people who pirate games don't need articles like this for them to know about it sooner or later. regardless of when the game releases, im sure people with modded 360s have already planed on downloading it prior to pirate/retail release date

most people with a modded 360 obviously intended to download his/her games from the beginning

BrunoM3533d ago

true cant really disagree with that ..

but that pirate games do afect 360 sales is a fact we all nkow that thats why Multy plat games for some time now have sold more on the other console than on the 360 ..

but ya to late now theres no way to get it off the net once it get here is never leaving lol.

SuperSaiyan43533d ago

I am curious to who uploads such versions for piracy, when a game goes gold its sent to a production line for replication...Does someone think its worth it to just nab a disc? Surely its not that easy? Or is it one of the developers?

DelbertGrady3533d ago

It's usually reviewers. They get paid by release groups for it, who in turn get money from torrent site members.

cyclindk3533d ago


If that were the case it would seem like it would be easy enough to put some kind of unique "marker" code in the review copies that reviewers don't know about so that when it IS copied and sold off they'll be able to trace it back to the original disc and who they gave the disc to.

DelbertGrady3533d ago

Yeah, and there is. That's why people get banned for playing review copies online. Check any release forum and you'll see people asking "is it review or retail version?"

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