L.A. Times: Killzone 2 Review

L.A. Times: When it is finally released on Feb. 27, will Killzone 2 be that great, once-in-a-lifetime game everyone is expecting it to be? Sadly, the answer is no.

Don't get us wrong. K2 is still an amazing war game that belongs alongside the other big boys in the future war category, such as the Resistance and Gears of War franchises. It is technologically flawless and a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, it's really not much different from the rest of the aforementioned titles that came out last holiday season, save for the frustratingly different default control setup (which can be changed to a more standard setup without much trouble). Fight the bad guys, drive 'em back, blah, blah, blah. We've played this a thousand times before.

Though Killzone 2 does look better than most, it ultimately fails to live up to the insanely high expectations that had been created for it -- and that's a shame.

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Zeus Lee3528d ago

What expectations are those,please list them one by one.

Because the only fvcking expectation I KNOW is the one to do with the games graphics.And it absolutely blows every other console game away in this respect.

Muppetmeat3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

What did this reviewer expect from a FPS? Shooting. That's what it is. Quit faulting the game for not giving you a back massage, walking your dog, or the winning lotto numbers in advance.

Either it's a good FPS, or it's not a good FPS, what else is there?

What else do you want from it? Make your breakfast, get your slippers, and clean the house?

It's not trying to be anything other than a FPS, so stop rating it against the Hubble Space Telescope.

CaseyRyback_CPO3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

And when you cant, you'll understand the BS that goes around the PS3's graphical capabilities. Lots of people saying its wrong, but no one can say otherwise.

People just don't want to give Sony Credit for anything. Its an FPS. No fps has seperated itself from Counter Strike and its 2009. Its the burden of Sony to bring innovation to the table, everyone knows this. Thats why no one ever questions Microsoft for it.

Lifendz3528d ago

PS3 games, however, have to redefine the wheel. And there's no double standard?

eagle213528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

just scared little lime green hearts will break if he admits it.


Consoldtobots3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

yet another moronic journalist who thinks he knows gaming. People should really listen to what the developer from Bethesda had to say about this subject. ITS NOT IN THE SUBJECT BUT THE EXECUTION. That being said Killzone 2 is THE DEFINING SHOOTER OF THIS OR ANY PREVIOUS GENERATION. I can guarantee that over the next 20 years we will see many new shooters, remakes etc. because the technology keeps improving and giving us new levels of immersion. Imagine playing the original Doom in Killzone 2 quality graphics and physics? I would pay for that and so would many others.

sumguy813528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

you can't go around saying this is the best game ever and ground breaking and revolutionary, and whatever other buzz words you have used to describe this game for the past 2 years or so; then when a magazine admits it's pretty but doesn't live up to the hype, you can't just change your tune. for years i've been listening to you ppl build this up to be the greatest video game at all time. even though it looks like exactly what they said. pretty game, nothing special outside of graphics. now you all concede that is what you meant??? come on now! I've never seen an okay game with good graphics hyped this insanely. Crysis didn't get this kind of hype, and it looks better and has more unique elements.

I'll say one thing in your favor though. just when i thought i understood the mentality of ps3 fanboys, they go an mix it up to something even more illogical.

almost makes me wanna buy this game again. if everyone would just admit this will be a good game with good graphics and nothing more, then all of these articles mentioning the excessive hype would never have happened and the game wouldn't have to turn water to wine just to live up to it.

@the guy above me: did you even play the demo? there were dozens of places you could stand during the battle where the enemy would never shoot you. and if you shoot the guys on the turrets at the bridge, they just keep coming (i built up a huge body count and never had to change my aim or dodge any bullets), and your teamates will turn corners and shoot at nothing, or take cover on invisible walls and get shot.
Those flaws don't draw me into the game, they take me out of it. The graphics sucked me in at first cuz the character models looked so nice. but once i realized the game was just a series of very scripted events where the enemies never adapt to your movements, will keep taking cover in places where you've killed other guys just a few seconds before, and will stop coming as soon as you reach the next check point; it was clear to me that this game's single player is nothing more than a better looking call of duty. it isn't revolutionary, it doesn't suck you in just cuz it looks nice, and it has many flaws that so many reviewers seem to overlook despite the fact i noticed them in the first few minutes of experimenting with the demo.

edit: i lost bubbles for calling out the fanboys? god N4G sucks. ps3 fanboys ruin the gaming community.

@lifendz: NO THEY DON'T!!! You ppl need to stop overhyping them for months or years before they are released. you guys create these monsters. you're such hypocrites.

lonestarmt3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )


Dude your totally lost. Just stop. No "PS3 fanboy" ever said it was going to be the best FPS game ever made or revolutionize gaming or even FPS. Like many other people you totally misunderstand. When sony said that they made the better machine and was able to produce way better graphics department than the 360, the 360 fanboys said yeah right. Called sony and basically said they were frauds and lied to the gaming community. Flopstation and yeah right PS3 is nothing more than a blu-ray player. Killzone 2 was one of those games that obviously is superior graphically than any 360 game so far and was suppose to show that the beginning of the ps3 flexing its muscles that even a 360 fanboy can admit too( even though uncharted is already better in the aspect) Killzone 2 met the expectations of the graphics of that trailer two years ago that everyone said was impossible. Instead you get weird reviews nip picking everything and very few admitting they were wrong, PS3 is capable of better looking games. Then you get people like you can't understand why PS3 fans moan when it gets points knocked off for being what is, a solid FPS with great visuals. When you got GTA4 or halo3 or gears of war 2 that really were guilty of the very same thing killzone 2 is and they are hailed and get great reviews. If those games got the same scores or had the same things said about them, then there would be no complaining. It's an obvious double standard.

@below your right, but did married to solid gameplay its awesome. Also what the F are you talking about late in its cycle? This is PS3 second and half year. You must be confused with another console.

edgeofblade3528d ago

Graphics doesn't make a good game, especially this late in a console cycle.

na2ru13528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Still think we're BS about the BIAS?

@ above but gears was visually claimed as da dogs bollox

THE TRUTH3528d ago

You lost bubbles because you are saying things that are simply untrue. It was/is not sony fanboys that are hyping up killzone 2. The reaon why killzone 2 has been hyped by the majority of media outlets (which has become both a blessing and a curse) is because GG actually met expectations after they were slammed at E3 showing that target cgi video!

You can't blame gamers for being hyped after GG did almost the impossible which is to meet the standard they laid out for themselves! I do agree PS3 fans have hyped this game to some extent, but can you really blame them? All gamers want out of reviews is an honest unbiased opinion and score based on the game, nothing more nothing less. Basically if you read this review you can take ANY FPS and instert its name into the headline and get the same result.

Killzone 2 is a great FPS period, and GG deserves the praise they get for the job they did considering the kind of pressure they were under. Shouldn't that be rewarded, shouldn't we as gamers get hyped for this? This is the kind of effort and hard work we should be seeing this generation and if we don't support it than why the hell would/should a developer raise the bar?

The fact that you hate or love the PS3 isn't the damn point! The point is we as gamers either want the bar raised with fresh ideas unreal graphics and limitless innovation or we want the same ole same ole..... if we don't support the developers and the games they make that exceed our standards than we can kiss it goodbye! GG did a hell of a job and any media outlet that chooses to not to take the proper time and use professionalism to give an honest and unbiased SHOULD AND WILL be given hell by gamers!

Kaliumhest3528d ago

Killzone 2 is going to be UBER.

Spydiggity3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

i appreciate your attempt at sounding level headed. but you're doing what every sony follower (and i mean that in an almost religious sense) does. you make flamboyant claims for months and months, then just before the game launches you try to go back to sounding level headed. and you are, unfortunately, very wrong. PS3 fanboys are the only idiots in this console "war" that actually threatened to kill themselves because they lost FF as an exclusive. They are the only fanboys that stormed review sites and threatened to boycott these sites because they gave killzone 2 a 90% or better. xplay being a perfect example of that. they gave killzone 2 5/5 and they got so much hate mail anyway.

and those games you mentioned, even they didn't touch the hype of this game. and those games sold millions in their first week.

you can sit there and try to rewrite history all you want. but for those of us who've been there and have been following the "news" we can see it pretty least i can. ps3 fanboys are irate, illogical, and hypocritical. they are slaves to a corporation and it doesn't matter what said corporation does or doesn't do (in most cases), they can do no wrong in their eyes. sony could announce they are releasing a carebears exclusive, and there would be hype for 6 months or a year talking about how many bears the ps3 can fit on the screen at once and how 360 couldn't handle that many bears. it's hilarious and pathetic at the same time. and i'd laugh harder if not for the fact that in order to get real gaming news, i have to filter out the hundreds of hype articles written on blogs by ps3 fanboys about how their next average quality game is actually the greatest thing of all time.

bviperz3528d ago

Don't lump Sony fan's all together. Don't think every Sony Fanboy is crazy. You can prefer Sony/MS/Ninetendo and still be level-headed. Seriously. Some of us just enjoy great games, no matter the platform.

Lifendz3528d ago

and I say that because your post was way to long to read. Allow me to say the following:

@lifendz: NO THEY DON'T!!! You ppl need to stop overhyping them for months or years before they are released"

What does a game enthusiast "hyping" a game have to do with a journalist measuring Game A to a different standard than Game B? Halo 3 came out and looked like Halo 2. It did. And yet not one review knocked it down for this. You know why? Because the game was great regardless of the visuals. COD4 had no coop and no review knocked it for it. The same is not true for KZ2.

"you guys create these monsters. you're such hypocrites."

Hypocrites? How, pray tell, are we [who is we anyway] hypocrites? Please share. And as far as creating "monsters," if the gaming media is influenced by the comments of people in message rooms and N4G when it writes its reviews, then the media is not doing its job.

no-spin3528d ago

please "journalists", stick to your area. Do you see Dave Jaffe test driving a new Mercedes Benz and writing a review criticizing the car shortcomings? nope. For some reason the gaming industry gets no respect and any dude in a desk can become a professional gamer capable of reviewing games.
Im a pure gamer, i play games in whatever console, no matter how old they are. Is it really that disappointing to deliver the premier FPS without flying powers and "new" stuff?
Good thing i learned to ignore this amateurs and ride the games myself, is more fun and reliable.

KZ2 demo makes me hungry for this game

t_tocs3527d ago

I'm confused...

The game got an A...which is really freakin' good...but people are still complaining? I'm just as excited about a new PS3 exclusive, especially one this big, as the rest of you...but come on. What else do you want from these journalists. He said it's a great game, just not the second coming of can't disagree with him, because he played the review build...and you didn't. Plus, it's his opinion...get your own, on the 27th, just like the rest of us.

Maxned3527d ago

Wait a minute...
After actually reading the review, it seemed like the guy would give it an 8. But then he gives it an A/A

Doe anyone else notice this generally negative review?

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Awesomeo30003528d ago

i hate all these reviews that say oh its just like any other fps cause IT IS an fps its not trying to be anything else cant people take things for wat they are it makes no sense

SupaPlaya3528d ago

isn't taking points off for

- No innovation
- Not multiplatform

So this review does have the EDGE over some of the other inconsistent reviews.

Zeus Lee3528d ago


Wait until Modern Warfare 2 is revealed,if it doesn't bring anything new to the table I'm going to personally make it an agenda to call out every single website that won't point it out.

rhood0223528d ago

Do it when Halo: ODST comes out.

It'll be more fun.

Sheddi3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

haha got to remember this.

EDIT: btw I agree.

sumguy813528d ago

umm guys...hate to break it to you. but there isn't an insanely swelled hype building around halo odst. everyone is fine with an fps being an fps. but the ps3 fanboys made this game (killzone 2) to seem like it was going to change the way we play fps, it was supposed to be revolutionary (according to the hype).

and some fps are revolutionary. like both half-lifes. fps is just the perspective. a game that defines itself by style is what makes it unique and sets it apart. not ramping up polygon counts.

SupaPlaya3528d ago

NOT a multiplatform game get a deduction too.

Perhaps not a full game (ODST - DLC) should get an extra point off :P


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jmare3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

All I can say is: *"Killzone, the Magic Shooter."*

EDIT: Imagine music.

jmare3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I think maybe the disagreers didn't get the joke or the sarcasm or maybe both.

EDIT: At least someone gets part of the joke.

EDIT @ supaplaya: It's kind of sad that they don't get it. It almost makes me want to explain it. But I won't. I will do this though:

"Killzone, the magic shooter, on the PS3
People say is sucks, cuz it's not original like Halo 3.
The man from the LA paper, says killzone make fanboys feel good.
But xbots know that's not true, cuz it ain't got no wood." (Penis, that is)

I know it's a little off, but I thought it was funny.

SupaPlaya3528d ago

they probably just don't get it.

thebudgetgamer3528d ago

lol. i guess its better then maxim?


SupaPlaya3528d ago

well at least they are not expecting bikinis...