Sony readies PlayStation 3 push with much-anticipated 'Killzone 2' on tap

Microsoft Pri0 @ Seattle Times writes: After three straight months of declining video game console sales, Sony is hoping to start 2009 with a bang as one of the most-anticipated titles for the PlayStation 3 hits stores Feb. 27. With "Killzone 2," the company hopes to showcase the power of its game console and take some momentum away from Microsoft's Xbox 360.

"Killzone 2" is a first-person shooter, exclusive to the PS3, that wowed the assembled video game press when Sony showed a brief clip from the game at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in 2005. Los Angeles Times game reviewer Pete Metzger described the debut in his K2 review today: "The short video, presented without explanation, was an amazing futuristic war game with visuals that exceeded anything that could be done at the time. Quite simply, we couldn't believe our eyes; there was no way a game could look that good."

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SupaPlaya3530d ago

I haven't seen much and it's a bit worrying. Here's hoping the marketing team at Sony doesn't drop the ball.

In this economy though, I'm sure the marketing budget has suffered.

thebudgetgamer3530d ago

ive seen fear ads all over


Alcon3530d ago

Hope they won't screw it. Sony's ads are usually stupid (trying to much to make a fancy art out of it, instead of keeping it nice, cool and simple)

Bebedora3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Maybe SCEA Santa Monica could give a helping hand in that department. I must say, Sony's commercial is fun to watch, but it won't sell expecting buyers...

SupaPlaya3530d ago

just highlight of the game play and awesome scenes please. Like the atomic bomb scene, the lightning tower destruction, or the bridge scene. None of that creepy commercial that makes no sense.

They will need to let the consumer know:

"That Helgan belongs to the Helghast"

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Karum3530d ago

I saw a Killzone 2 ad on TV tonight, during half time of a football match here in the UK.

redsquad3530d ago

That makes sense, as I expect the demographic for gaming and footy to be very similar.

eagle213530d ago

good to hear that... :)

mastiffchild3530d ago

Until last night I had seen exactly two PS3 commercials since Xmas(1 Motorstorm PR, 1 Resistance2)but since then I must have seen the ten sec teaser for Killzone2 about ten times during all sorts of odd shows but usually at peak times so the full ad can't be far off. I'm in the UK as well, mind, so maybe it's only got onto gear over here on God's favourite island(he told me himself so don't argue). Funnily as I write this there's been both a PSP ad and the teaser again-odd. Perhaps someone at marketing at Sony finally decided to earn their crust?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

YEP!!! It does look that good SUCKERS!!! ;-P

-GametimeUK-3530d ago

I have seen a lot of MotorstormPR and Resistance2 ads here in the UK lately... Its a shame that Playstation fans have turned their back on Resistance2 because its a great game... But hey I guess its cos Killzone is on its way huh?

LeShin3530d ago

I still play Resi 2's co-op mode, it's fantastic! Yeah, when Killzone 2 comes out it'l take all my time (well that and Tekken 5:DR which I STILL play!) but by then I should have most of Resi 2's trophies. Brilliant game!

no-spin3530d ago

The worst part of the PS brand so far!
is it arrogance?
are they cheap?
trust gamers?
Many people dont know the PS3 is having this game.
Halo Wars is being advertised-good
GeOW 2 got non stop advertisement- Good

Sony sucks in this department, a very important one for boosting sales

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