ZTGD Review: Flower

Catastrophe of ZTGD writes: It could be argued that by continuing in the same direction as Cloud and FlOw, thatgamecompany was fighting a losing battle with gaming audiences. While Flower is not the game for everyone I think it makes clear that this progression is no foray into time-killers, but commitment to a gaming philosophy. No, thatgamecompany has not been fumbling in the dark, they have an idea (ideal even) about what a game can be like and have been perfecting it, honing it, into the masterpiece that is Flower.

+ Immersive
+ Amazing visuals
+ Fantastic sound
- More Flower, please?

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meepmoopmeep3529d ago

i concur with the Cons: - More Flower, please?

simply a beautiful unique experience

iHEARTboobs3529d ago

Yes! Please give us more Flower! This game is definitely unique.

callahan093529d ago

Game of the Year, so far. It's going to take something really special to top this for me.

PS360WII3529d ago

You know I downloaded this game but I still need to play it ><

meepmoopmeep3529d ago


too much Prinny taking your time?
hehe, i saw your post in the forums, bugger, i want that
but can't get it right now.

well, get at Flower, it's surreal

PS360WII3529d ago

lol yeah Prinny is getting in the way :)

Seeing that this game is getting so much lovin in the reviews I think I'll have to put it on pause so I can see what all the commotion is about for Flower!

SprSynJn3529d ago

I hope they offer one. I really want to try this game out.

_Q_3529d ago

Is really on this game. Too bad my girl would razz me for the game looking "too girlie" lol She saw the trailer and was making fun of it.

meepmoopmeep3529d ago

she must then die a slow masculine xbox death.
RRoD be upon her! cursed is the ground she walks!


lol, it's not a game for everyone but art appreciator people like me enjoy queer things like this

gamesmaster3529d ago

haha you should call her butch lesbian for ejoying shooting the cr4p out of males, if she like shooters. keep calling a her a lesbian until she gets really annoyed then say prove it!

then you play can flower while getting pleasured. worked for me.

Sarcasm3529d ago

You sure your girlfriend's not a "Boyfriend?" LOL

My gf (soon to be fiance) said it looked more unique and different than the usual bloody and gory games I play.

_Q_3529d ago

Awfully harsh guys lol
Yeah shes more for shooters and RTS. Flower just turned her off because when I was watching the making video she thought the Devs sounded like girlie hippies. My girl is by no means butch by the way it wouldnt have much effect

meepmoopmeep3529d ago

hahaha, i was only joking, mate.

yeah, it's not a game for everyone, but it's a refreshing experience from all the gunz and violence in games these days

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Zeus Lee3529d ago

Gonna have to buy this soon.

EvanVolm3529d ago

Wow, 3 ZTGD reviews on the front page?

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The story is too old to be commented.