Ancient Frog Premieres in App Store, $4.99

Ancient Workshop developer James Brown brings news that his first title, Ancient Frog ($4.99), has recently debuted in the iTunes App Store. Ancient Frog is a "contemplative puzzle game" that charges players with guiding a frog from one end of the screen to another, in pursuit of delicious flies.

Ancient Frog features an interesting set of mechanics. Your frog can only move one leg at a time, and each move must place a foot on an adjacent water droplet. The result is a deliberately paced, inch-by-inch sort of game that vaguely reminds me of Crazy Climber.

The laid-back gameplay goals are an appropriate match for the lush graphics - there's no time limit or maximum number of moves, though par challenges are also included, for the competitive types. 100 levels are featured in all.

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