Native Resolution for Star Ocean 4 Speculation

A poster on B3D reports that the XBOX 360 JRPG Star Ocean 4, runs at a native resolution of 900x510, which makes it just above SD resolution. Other also confirm this discovery in the thread.


The game is indeed 882 x 496 with no AA

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HajAminSaniBinJihadi5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

Square merged with enix on april fools day...

if that says anything

Sasanova5150d ago

lol 360 showing true power with below SD resolution!

Lucreto5150d ago

SD is 480p it is HD but just barely.

Mr_Bun5150d ago

I think SD is 852x480...I am guessing the title should read "below HD..."

Lucreto5150d ago

It is kind of pathetic really when you see WKC running at 1080p

GWAVE5150d ago

Huh. Kinda disappointing.

CrazzyMan5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

When i first time saw screens of SO4, i said myself, wow, now that looks like a nextgen game on x360. I was impressed.
It looked maybe not as good as FFXIII, but it definitely looked like a nextgen jrpg.

That time i thought, that maybe x360 can do a nextgen graphics, like PS3. I really liked SO4 graphics, except that later, when i saw those characters, they looked like a dolls.., but overall, gameplay graphics looked like what i would call a nextgen.

But now, now i get, why the game looked like a nextgen, it`s because it runs just barely above SD resolution. Funny, that God of War 2 also look like a nextgen game, also run in SD resolution, BUT that is PS2...

p.s. now i understand, how Square will make FFXIII to run on x360. =)

xwabbit5150d ago

Hope this isn't true lol...

kazuma5150d ago

new low for next-gen consoles?

Sasanova5150d ago

why do you think ff13 was delayed so long...same reason alan wake is...i dont care what square says, i know they are trying to make something out of the xbox version to make it at least playable no matter how much they have to sacrifice...i wouldnt be suprised if they delayed it cus it could only run at 5x8 reso lol

MNicholas5150d ago

This is obviously a terribly unoptimized engine on perhaps the easiest to optimize platform on the planet. Really poor effort.

TheTwelve5150d ago

I'm not so sure that this has anything to do with Microsoft. This has to do with the piss-poor company that Square-Enix has become. How pathetic.


SCThor5150d ago

lowering the resolution...expect the same or even worst with FFXIII.

gameplayer5150d ago

510p, if true, is horrible. Just for the record though, the lowest defined HD source is 854x480 interlaced at 30 frames per second labeled as EDTV or 480i. The highest defined SD source is 720x480 interlaced at 30 frames per second. 510p is still horrible though.

IzKyD13315150d ago

Oh man, if this is Square's attempt at a nex-gen RPG, than I almost don't want to see FF13

KillaManiac5150d ago

1.15 - Now I know how SE make it fit in 3 disks and not in 6..
lowering the resolution...expect the same or even worst with FFXIII.

This is 100% correct.....FFXIII is gunna be ass resolution since they don't want it on 5+ discs...its freaking obvious.

Square Enix has fallen SO must more worse can it get?

Kushan5150d ago

The title for the thread where this comes from is "Image Quality and Framebuffer SPECULATIONS for UNRELEASED Games"

In other words, they're looking at released screenshots, which are not necessarily indicative of the final product. So nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has been confirmed at this point.

I'm on the fence here, it seems absurd for anyone to release a game of this low quality, but with the way Squeenix has gone lately, I really would not be surprised in the slightest.

5150d ago
Kushan5150d ago

It's got absolutely nothing to do with disk all...

Rendering with a smaller internal framebuffer does not save you any kind of disk space. You might be thinking lower resolution textures, but they've got nothing to do with the framebuffer, by the time the scalar chip inside the 360 scales it up to 720p or 1080p for displaying on your TV, the textures would look the the same if you rendered the scene at 720p or 1080p. The benefit from higher resolution framebuffers is "less jaggies", which is also what AA is for.

thats_just_prime5149d ago

LOL the source is a forum this show you just how stupid the ps3fanboy here really are

sonarus5149d ago

Funny thing is this is still the best looking JRPG. All this fanboy pixel counting is lame

Traveler5149d ago

I think Tales of Vesperia and Valkyria Chronicles probably both look better than this game. Just my opinion though, and I haven't played Star Ocean 4.

Rock Bottom5149d ago

I agree with you, I don't think the reason for this was to save space, but still, low resolution can help reduce space, even if not in a direct way, for example, when you reduce the resolution you can get away with less texture details or you can reduce the polygons count and no one would notice, so it kinda do help.

flanker225149d ago

Yes the battles are rendered low but if you even take a moment to watch battles it would be nearly impossible to maintain a stable frame rate no matter what hardware its on. Too many full screen explosions with several character on the screen simultaneous. outside battles the game is running at a very high resolution.

also those who keep bring up wkc sure it runs 1080 but it looks like absolute ass more like a high resolution ps2 game. every review has said the combat is an absolute blast and bring up the score even with all its other shortcomings.

SO4 battle:

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lokiroo4205150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

Mart come on comment on console capabilities like you were in street fighter, come on show your rat face.

talk about some medicine for the 360 infections, classic!

Pennywise5150d ago

lol see my gamer zone comment. I called them all out. Fools. Its funny with the minuet SF4 comparison and now this comes out. Perfect timing.

nix5149d ago

the news has hit 600 plus deg.. but still can't be seen in the Top Story. way to go mods!

keep up with it.. that is if you wanna go the 1up, gs, g4tv way.

PoSTedUP5150d ago

wow thats like... un-good : P

not that bad if the game is good though. : D

Pennywise5150d ago

LOL - Calling out bladestar, Mart, Foxgod and Jason 360...

All these guys were just talking trash about SF4 being lower rez when you do a special combo, pause the game, get a magnifying glass, put your face 1" from the TV, stand upside down, place your 360 controller on your crotch and make it rumble you will see the PS3 version is inferior.

hydrog5150d ago

The last time i put my 360 controller near my crotch, i contracted the syph... but at least i got off! The ps3 controller made my penis shrivel up and crawl back inside.

Pennywise5150d ago

lol!!! It crawled back inside? Sure its not a vagina? :P

Johnny Rotten5150d ago

and it still took 3 disks to fit the game on. lol