Gamebosh Review: Monster 4x4 World Circuit

Gamebosh: "Most racing titles have you go around a variety of tracks, fending off other vehicles in an attempt to come first, but many of Monster 4x4 World Circuit's tracks look almost identical and you'd have to be Alan Partridge to come anything other than first. This is a sequel of sorts to the old PS2 game Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal and was ported from the Xbox in 2006 to cash in on the new Nintendo Wii console at launch.

Playing Monster 4x4 World Circuit reminds you a lot of Excite Truck - another early truck racing game for the Wii - and feels like the trial run for that game. The difference being that Excite Truck (released three months later) is far more fun, has better graphics and more to do, while World Circuit has dull graphics, samey tracks and worst of all, it's so easy that you'll complete everything within a few hours."

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