Valve's Steam-y Love for Gamers

AndyGoes writes, "Back in 2003, Valve, developers of such notable titles as the Half-Life series, Portal and Left 4 Dead, launched a utility for PC called Steam. When it was first introduced, I was very skeptical of online delivery systems for full game downloads. The problem was, at the time installing Half-Life 2 required the installation of Steam. Though I've not used it to its fullest extent, it has continued to impress me over the years..."

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CrAppleton3554d ago

Valve is amazing.. nothing more need be said

JohnR3554d ago

steam is a great delivery system and valve know what gamers want... success assured

bgrundman3554d ago

They know what gamer's want because they listen... wish more developers would learn from that.

ammonator3554d ago

Agreed. I don't have as much experience with Steam as some of you do, but what I have seen is mighty nice! Here is to wishing Valve many more years of successful content distribution and game development!

jessupj3554d ago

I think you mean valves steamy love for 360 and pc gamers and utter obnoxious hate for ps3 owners.

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bgrundman3554d ago

I am glad they have decided to share the love with those on 360 as well. The new Left 4 Dead content will be awesome!

CrAppleton3554d ago

Sh!t yeah it will be!~ I can't wait to get it.. FOR FREE!! Valve freekin rocks!

DA_SHREDDER3554d ago

Steam is the the sh*t! It doesn't have many games for sale, but total war empires is coming out and it is garanteed to have voice chat since you can use cross game chat in steam. Its like xbox live, but for the pc. I love you valve.

bgrundman3554d ago

Steam doesn't have many games? When was the last time you looked? It is packed full of games!

free2game3653554d ago

yeah, nearly every PC release comes out on steam day one now

LeonSKennedy4Life3554d ago

How dare you compare Steam to Xbox Live!


Gordon Freeman would kill you in the balls for that.

Kick The Ass3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

If anyone is defining the computer platform as of now, it is most definately Valve!
They support their mods, and even display them on Steam where you can download them steaming fast (bad pun is bad).
That's something the other developers can learn something from (although, there are several others who also do a good job, fx. CryTek).

Valve, I wanna' have ye pipes!

DA_SHREDDER3554d ago

that are not that many games worth playing on steam, but steam is the best way to buy new pc games. Total War Empire is even being released 2 days before the official launch date on steam. Its not bing now, but I can see it getting alot bigger in the future.

LeonSKennedy4Life3554d ago

- Bioshock
- Half-life and Half-life: Source
- Half-life 2 (and the episodes)
- All games included in the Orange Box: Portal, Team Fortress 2, etc...
- Every Grand Theft Auto (including IV)
- Every Quake
- Left 4 Dead
- FEAR 2
- Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Source
- Every Call of Duty
- Prey
- Every Unreal Tournament
- Every Wolfenstein
- Every Doom
- Fallout 3
- World of Goo
- iFluid
- Every Civilization
- Every Splinter Cell
- Bully
- Crysis & Crysis: Warhead
- Farcry & Farcry 2
- Mass Effect
- Max Payne 1 & 2
- Every Prince of Persia
- Every Hitman
- Psychonauts
- Dead Space
- Indigo Prophecy
- Beyond Good and Evil
- No One Lives Forever
- Tomb Raider: Legend and Underworld
- Stalker & Stalker: Clear Sky
- Sam & Max
- Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People
- Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
- Every Brothers In Arms
- Deus Ex
- Every LEGO game
- Assassin's Creed
- Mirror's Edge
- Every Rainbow Six and both Rainbow Six: Vegas titles

and hundreds of other, smaller titles, free mods, constant updates, and weekend deals...

You, sir, haven't been on Steam in years...

Smileys3554d ago

Steam doesn't have Call of Duty 3. It suckzzzors!11!11 ;-)

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