GTA IV: The Lost & Damned Review: GamesAreEvil

GamesAreEvil writes: The Lost and Damned redefines what the increasingly fashionable DLC tag can really represent. Over the course of the 12 to 15 hour story (depending on how you like to pace yourself) you're introduced to Liberty City from a new and refreshing perspective. This, ladies and gentleman, is no mere 'add-on pack'.

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roblef3527d ago

Love that this DLC is so comprehensive.

roblef3527d ago

More DLC like this would be great. Bigger, better, more stuff!

CrAppleton3527d ago

Well.. there are still 2 more episodes coming to us xboxers

bgrundman3527d ago

I am really digging the content that I have managed to play. It should only get better from here!

CrAppleton3527d ago

Hell yeah! Being a biker myself I find it awesome! Now I just need to buy myself a sawed off double barrel and hit the road

thealienist3527d ago

i dont find bikers particulary interesting but you gotta trust rockstar!

killyourfm3527d ago

I'm wishing that Johnny Klebitz would have been GTA IV's main character!

CrAppleton3527d ago

I still like Niko.. But I'm glad to see that Rockstar has FINALLY got down how to make a likable character. It makes the game WAY better than they used to be

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