Street Fighter IV PS3 sales rank above Xbox 360 SKU

Capcom Co.'s Street Fighter IV for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 ranked higher than the version for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 in the latest sales rankings at retailer

On Wed., SFIV for the PS3 held a No. 9 rank, while the Xbox 360 version held a No. 16 rank in Amazon's Video Games division.

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burbulla3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Didn't see that coming. Anyways, Congratulations Capcom!

marinelife93530d ago

Maybe the other Street Fighter fans are playing on modded 360's with pirated copies.

Jinxstar3530d ago

Honestly most multi plat peeps will probably go for PS3 due to controller... i know a few who have...

nbsmatambo3530d ago

i did, better controller always wins out =)

y do u think shooters sell better on 360??

c..o..n..t..r..o..l..l..e..r. .

gamesmaster3530d ago

i have to agree with you on that one, for FPS xbox controller has its advantages, in the same way ps3 has fighter advantages. although its not that hard to get the same fps accuracy out of the ps3 pad with some practice.

The Lazy One3530d ago

the D-Pad is definitely not up to par on the 360 :-/

INehalemEXI3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago ) wrote a blog about it. Approve , spread love. come on. =).

My arcade stick is universal except it does not work on 360. Only PC/PS3/PS2. So I went with PS3, I would have anyways though because im bias. Im wearing Playstation boxers yeah, Im pretty much bias. Though I still got love for 360 I thought about orderiing my girl those achievement unlocked draws.

Dread3530d ago

its because of the controller. If i had a Playstation 3 i would probably have bought it for the system because of the dualshock, which in my opinion sports a much better d-pad.

also i would prefer to buy the limited for the Playstation because of the Ryu figurine and the blue-ray movie.

so this does not surprise me. Congrats to Sony and capcom.


Sarcasm3530d ago

Those poor souls buying the PS3 version will definitely notice that Ryu has 1 less pixel on his pinky toe when you do a super combo on frame rate #47 5X zoomed compared to the 360. tsk tsk

FarEastOrient3530d ago


Microsoft needs to get some control on the piracy of their console! Halo Wars is already out on the web and it is a pretty good copy that plays well too. Just weird glitches when detecting the internet...

Don't spike me, I have both a pre-order on Killzone 2 and Halo Wars.

DaTruth3530d ago

It's because more people who own PS3's have credit cards. That's why it's always like that with online retailers. PS3 is a more mature crowd.

ThanatosDMC3530d ago

Well, it's the controller. On our 360's we have to reach in to actually use the D-pad.

ALL_STAR_283530d ago

one good thing about the xbox controller is that it's easy to get used to but.... it just doesnt feel comfortable in my hands compared to the dualshock...

artman3530d ago

pirated copies all the way... none of my friends bought the original game on 360, but they bought the collector edition for PS3
MS is very smart

Marquis_de_Sade3530d ago

PS3 d-pad > 360 d-pad, simple.

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morganfell3530d ago

And Killzone 2 sales rank above HALO Wars.

Dont BE mAdd3530d ago

to prove killzone is worth it...ARE U SCARED killzone is gonna fall on its face cause your comment was so off topic

gameplayer3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Doesn't the fact that the 360 arcade controller ranks higher than killzone 2 prove that amazon sales ranks are pretty much meaningless?

DaTruth3530d ago

The 360 arcade controller has better advertising! (sigh)

N4PS3G3530d ago

PS3 always ranks above 360 ...on amazon

Omega43530d ago

Exactly, but somehow when the real numbers come out its always the opposite

JD_Shadow3530d ago

And's numbers AREN'T real numbers?

ceedubya93530d ago

In the past, PS3 items have normally been hot ticket items on Amazon. I've always noticed that, thanks in part to N4G posters always giving us game sales and preorders on :). With that in mind, wasn't Soul Calibur 4 the same way?

Omega43530d ago

Well obviously they arent, infact they're not even numbers its a chart!! Which changes hourly, i might add!

If they were real the PS3 would be outselling the 360 in the US since it launched but we all know thats not the case

Sheddi3530d ago

And one more strange thing is that the developers has stated that they have made more profit on ps3...hmmm? somethings fishy.

The Lazy One3530d ago

More revenue=/=more profit


what are you using as "real numbers" that makes them not numbers but a chart? NPD releases numbers, and M$, Sony, and Nintendo all release numbers. There might be charts with them, but I don't know any source I'd call "real" that doesn't supply the numbers.

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Pennywise3530d ago

I would love to know what % of gamers shop at amazon. I for one, have never ordered a game online. I like to walk into the store on release date and buy my copy.

Rich16313530d ago

I buy a lot of games online, sure you don't get them on launch day but that doesn't bother me.,, and, can get you some crazy deals if you hit it right. I have gotten plenty of new games for $30-40 about 2-3 weeks after release on those sites. Plus waiting for the deals, allows you to gauge the community's reaction to the game. Sometimes a game can get a good review but then it turns out a lot of people hate it (Assassin's Creed, Far Cry 2). So you can listen to feedback and make smart game choices.

iHEARTboobs3530d ago

I buy online when I don't buy games day one. Usually I buy games that are older and on sale or have some kind of deal included. But I do hate waiting for them.

Megaton3530d ago

I always buy online unless it's something I've just gotta have right now. Last game I bought in a store was MGS4 the morning it was released.

AssassinHD3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I do virtually all my game shopping on Amazon. I get free 2 day shipping and I don't have to pay sales tax.

Well to be fair I suppose the 2 day shipping isn't technically free. I pay $80/year for Amazon Prime, but the savings I have by not paying sales tax more than make up for that fee.

Edit: I find it amusing that someone disagrees with cold hard fact. It is a fact that I do most of my game shopping on Amazon. It is a fact that I do not pay sales tax. It is a fact that because I do not pay sales tax I can pay the Amazon Prime membership fee and still have savings left over.

peeps3530d ago

not sure about you guys in america but in the uk nearly every1 i know from 'gaming communities' will pre-order games online because your guranteed them on release date and alot of the time you get them a day or 2 early - this is due to the release date in the uk being fridays but store/warehouses get games in on the wednesday, then they dispatch first class to ensure you get it by friday but being first class means alot of the time we get the games on thurs.

So yeh that's why i've ordered kz2 online, in the hope of getting it thursday + don't need to go to a shop friday after work

Pennywise3530d ago

If I knew I could get them ON release day or before, I would too... but its not guaranteed here in the states.

iHEARTboobs3530d ago

Amazon offers release day delivery.....but you'll have to pay for it. Well, it's at least doing that with Killzone 2. Not sure about any other games. I'd rather just pick it up at the store on my way home though.

AssassinHD3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Actually Amazon automatically upgraded my shipping to release day delivery for Killzone 2 at no extra cost. Oh and they gave me the lowest price during the preorder window too. $56.99.

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Zeus Lee3530d ago

Not surprised,given the condition of the 360 D-Pad.

I'd like to know what the numbers are in Japan.