Gamespot: Street Fighter IV Review

It's obvious that each iteration of the long-running Street Fighter series has been carefully tuned and tweaked to the finest degree, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Street Fighter IV. The lessons learned in the franchise's 20-plus years have been used to prune back the core fighting experience to create something truly special. Street Fighter IV isn't a success simply because it's one of the most technically complex 2D fighters ever made, it's a success because it's also wrapped inside a layer of absolute accessibility. Never has the old "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master" adage been truer than it is here.

The Good:
* Gorgeous character models, animations, and background art
* Comprehensive multiplayer modes
* Accessible but nuanced gameplay
* Plenty of replay value for completionists.

The Bad:
* No tournament mode
* Online play suffers if either fighter's connection is slow.

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TIKUP3527d ago

cannot wait to get this!!!!

off topic: have gamestop reviewed killzone 2 yet?????

Blasphemy3527d ago

I am guessing they won't do it until sometime next week. They are waiting for the servers the rest of us will play to go live. It's pretty likely they will give it an 9.0 also though.

table3527d ago

i respect gamespot for taking their time over the killzone 2 review. some sites clearly rushed their reviews out and didn't even bother playing the multiplayer.

Helghast Slayer3527d ago

Is it me or have gamespot recently been extremely generous when giving out review scores?

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Pennywise3527d ago

* Online play suffers if either fighter's connection is slow.

REALLY? did they mark it down for this? lol

Blasphemy3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

It is kinda funny that they added that but that is a good thing if that is one of its only faults. Can't wait to get this later today.

ViceKingz3527d ago

LOL thats kinda like saying:

"Will not be able to play online without an internet connection" =(

Lifendz3527d ago

Glad to hear the game is a critical and commercial success (if NYC is an indication for the rest of the world anyway it's definitely a commercial success).

But where the F is the Killzone 2 review?

MisterNiwa3527d ago

As far as i know there is a upcoming Patch coming that adds Tournament Mode. Lol.

TheIneffableBob3527d ago

Some games have good lag compensation. GameSpot is saying that that is a quality which Street Fighter IV does not have.

Rock Bottom3527d ago

So GameSpot didn't feel the need to wait and see how the online mode hold up for SFIV...

TheIneffableBob3527d ago

They did wait. The review was posted a day after the game released.

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Harry1903527d ago

in Mississauge. Can't find the PS3 CE. It makes no sense. Ship the damn thing Capcom, everyone wants the PS3 version.

Blasphemy3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

That sucks should have pre ordered man. Something that's really crazy to me is the Wal-Marts and K-Marts near me don't even have this game in stock yet. I think Capcom under estimated demand for this one.

Pennywise3527d ago

Walmart didnt have it last night... they said it releases today but they wont have it until Friday. Gamestop has it today though.

Blasphemy3527d ago

Yeah I am headed to Gamestop or either Best Buy to pick it up in a few.

Harry1903527d ago

but even then, all the PS3 CE's were sold out. There were people before me. They received limited shipment unfortunately. But the 360 CE is still available....I am never getting it on 360, would pay the same for less.

Lifendz3527d ago

Why get it on 360 when you have to pay to simply play other people online?

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ASTAROTH3527d ago

Did they play as BLANCA? What have you done CAPCOM? The games graphics arent thet great, just play it and look at the models. Not all of them looks good as specially Blanca an C. Vipher look ugly. JUST MY OPINION ON THE 360 VERSION I BOUGHT.

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The story is too old to be commented.