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Have you ever taken a peek inside a thoroughbred racing car? It's a sparse scene, the interior a cold web of metal tubing with the driver's sole companion a fire extinguisher in place of a passenger seat – no in-car entertainment systems, leather upholstery or furry dice here. These are machines designed with one purpose only - racing. Simbin's Race Pro feels much the same; console petrol-heads spoilt on the heady show put on by Codemasters' GRID or the sublime polish of Polyphony's Gran Turismo may balk at their first glance of Race Pro's rudimentary styling, but on-track this game proves it's credentials and then some. This is a thoroughbred racer whose focus lies in presenting the most engaging and realistic racing experience available on console.

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Zeus Lee3532d ago

Good score,lower than expected but still good.

Omega43532d ago

You expected higher!?

Im shocked it got so high compared to the other reviews

xwabbit3531d ago

Ill review it when i play it :P

DelbertGrady3531d ago

This is from IGN UK. They are usually a bit harder on games than IGN US.

Zeus Lee3532d ago

Yeah ^,I thought IGN would be the first to dish out a 9

Montrealien3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

How`s that Tinfoil hat? I hear they get hot and sweaty when Bill Gates turns the MS waves higher when a new 360 exclussive launches, is that true?

This game seems to be a good one, and it`s a great price, no need to throw in a (Ign is bias) comment, it`s useless and unfounded, unless ofcourse you are wearing a tinfoil hat, which many people here seem to be doing.

Immortal Kaim3532d ago

Another good score for Race Pro, it seems this is the driving sim console fans have been crying out for.

DelbertGrady3531d ago

Not according to your disagrees lol! Whineability.

burbulla3531d ago

I think we all know the game that driving sim fans have been crying out for.

HINT: Title has the number '5' in it.

Sackdude3532d ago

4.5 + 7.5 + 8.5 + 9.0 + 8.5 = 7.6. not 8,5 wtf is this?
so much support for the 360, if this game was exclusive for the PS3 it will get 7.0 or 6.0.

Dark_Vendetta3532d ago

(out of 10 / not an average)

Better than I expected. Still I'll wait for Forza 3

Montrealien3531d ago

Just tried out the game for 2 races here at work, it`s well worth the 39.99$ Cnd, that`s for sure. Buying it and bringing this baby home. If you like a solid sim racer, this wil hold you until Forza 3 for sure.

And to all the enthusiats who think all the site are in MS`s pockets, or anyones pockets for that matter, pls stop it. You look like a bunch of tin foil hat wearing Fan****. The Ps3 is a great system and you guys have to stop playing the (everyone is out to get us) card, it`s getting a little pethetic.

Kal11383531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Like Dark_Vendetta wrote...OVERALL (NOT an average). Presentation and graphics for example, don't count as much as gameplay and lasting appeal...but I'm sure you already knew that...

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The story is too old to be commented.