Fanboys: Who They Are and How They Affect the Industry

This article defines and analyzes the fanboy and how they affect reviews, impressions, and the integrity of the enthusiast press.

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Johnny Rotten3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

lol good find!

PS: for the record the Joystiq 360/PS3 fanboy sites that this article shows the logos of are now merged into one big Joystiq site, they were never to the point of being "fanboyish", even to this day the style in which they write is more directed at the games themselves which is pretty refreshing.

GarandShooter3531d ago

The media in general, and bloggers in particular LOVE fanboys. They are the lifeblood of 'gaming journalism'. Without them, there would be no need for the gaming media, as we know it, to exist.

How many 'journalists' intentionally write inflammatory articles just to anger the fanboys and generate hits? You see it here on a near hourly basis. The very small percentage of stuff that is 'actually news' submitted to N4G could be generated by a very small percentage of those who consider themselves 'gaming journalists'. At least this author concedes that fanboys are needed. The next step to a cure would be the gaming media acknowledging their manipulation of the fanboy for their benefit. One can always hope, right?

Graphics Whore3531d ago

The dumbest Xbox Fanboy's present themselves in this most hilarious ways:

FirstKnight (troll)
Pog (Same person as Mart)

and of course one of the worst Fanboys: Nasim, however Mart and Nasim are practically on the same level. Mart has more articulate grammar however it's still pretty bad and the ideas he presents in his arguments just make you fall out of your god damn chair their so stupid sometimes.

Usually a lot of the Xbox Fanboys you encounter on N4G are just one person managing multiple accounts.

Anyway, fanboys are stupid and if you are one, you're stupid too.

BGDad3531d ago

I sooo wish that dudes mom never opened her legs thats for sure... He is on all different websites ever since 360 release Im not sure he even plays games because he is always on this site, ps3forums, xboxkings, all on his anti ps3 thing for what 2 or 3 years now?

Its frigin pathetic but thats what xbox users are id like to not generalize an entire population but i have proven this time and time again...

Frankly I wouldnt listen to them i this point anyhow, they play very few games and the ones they claim are great like halo or gears are really way over hyped and very not fun with everyone glitching online... But that just leads back to the terrible community..

Im just glad they are all basically stuck on the 360 at this point. With the economy the way it is no little kid is getting their parents to buy them a ps3... So thank goodness at least for awhile longer Ps3 online is FAR better than xbox live.

Have fun xbots, ill be playing my horrible Killzone 2 game while you play...... Gears..... Still.......... lol... Its a good game, no seriously i mean it ;)... Too bad I have to play this terrible Killzone 2 game :( Darn definitelyt if your an xbot Gears is WAY better than Killzone 2 you should stay on that game ;)

Ta Ta Xbots... Enjoy your console its really great! LOL