Japan PSN shuts down for maintenance. Larger update?

This news is swarming all over korean and japanese sites right now.

Larger update? PlayStation network in Japan is switched off

05.03.07 - Sony communicates that the Japanese PlayStation network is temporarily switched off because of maintenance work.

To 07.03.07 (Wednesday) it is not attainable by 07:00 clock to 11:00 clock (local time Japan). The disconnection refers to a larger update, which could possibly be accomplished at this time.


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MaximusPrime4433d ago

Seems Sony is getting busy, in time for European release.

Keyser4433d ago

Shutting down for a day is not a bad thing if the new content brings the network closer to XBL. Heck, they should shut it down for day in the States also. I'm all for improvement.
I get a little more antsy when my XBL shuts down because I've already paid for it and I had better see the improvement. I'm picky...:)