Diehard GameFAN: Coraline Review

offer you this: Coraline is not actually a "game" as we know it, but rather an interactive experience, almost like an ARG, set to simulate the experience of being Coraline herself.

You see, Coraline is stuck in a dull, boring world. Her only source of entertainment comes from her Father in the form of instructions to write down the number of windows and doors in her new home. That's what Coraline: The Game is to us; counting doors and windows. By experiencing Coraline's anguish and pain, her inability to affect the world around her and make it something special, we too long for another world, a place of bright colors and happiness. We too consider sewing buttons onto our eyes instead of going through this. And we too realize that the price is too high, and that with a little effort, we can make a change in our lives and in our worlds.

It's amazing when you think about it. Such a deep and though-provoking experience disguised as a simple game.


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