Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion details

Brandon Laurino on US Playstation.Blog writes:

"Hello everyone - I'm excited to announce details of the new Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion pack! Coming in March, there will be tons of new content to keep old and new players alike entertained: new maps, special characters, new gear, and of course a couple surprises.

First, I'm excited to announce that now, in order to make the SCENE Expansion more accessible, players will be able to use their PayPal account, along with their PlayStation Network Wallet, if they so choose, to purchase the SCENE Expansion.

For those players that want to get a head start on the action and pre-order SCENE through Metal Gear Online's in-game shop or Konami's shop, there's a special gift in store. Once the pre-order period starts, one week before the release date, all players who pre-order SCENE will receive a special "cardboard man" head gear for free. It should definitely provide ample cover for any bad hair day."

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Pennywise3532d ago

Can purchase through PSN wallet. nice.

DavidMacDougall3532d ago

Does it run through PSN yet? I forgot my suckers ID

Pennywise3532d ago

I havent typed my id in a while. I hope it is still memorized... either way, I sent my login to my email when it came out.

Pretty sure Konami is still running it through their servers.

Rich16313532d ago

1.) Use the PSN servers
2.) Lose the Konami and Game ID crap
3.) Make the DLC purchasable via the PS Store
4.) Add trophies
5.) Stop overcharging on the DLC ($12 for 2 characters and 3 maps)
6.) Make logging on faster and easier. It takes like 3-4 minutes to finally get into a game. You can't skip the logos, you finally get to the main menu, you click online, it loads, then checks for updates, then you log in, then you can finally look for a room. IT TAKES FOREVER!!!!

HDgamer3532d ago

These DLC are always looking good, about time they have a mansion and a store.

denied3532d ago

all they need now is to bring back high ice level and for the new gear they should bring back ocelot unit,gru and kgb that would be nice too the way it does not take for ever to get into a game unless u have very slow internet connection if u got something to say meet me online the name is or look for my clan R2K peace and have fun..GREAT JOB Konami