Xbox finds UK's hottest female Halo fan

T3: So, when you've got a new computer game to plug what do you? Easy, you trawl the UK to find UK's hottest female Halo fan.

And after a rather vague selection process which just might have involved wandering round a few modelling agencies, Xbox decided on 25-year-old Amanda Johnstone from South London, a girl who likes nothing more than 'being snuggled up in bed with her Xbox controller, playing Halo to help take her away from her daily stresses.' Halo duvet cover and pillow case set naturally.

At this point, we'd love to tell you (Miss World Style) about her charity work, measurements and star sign, but sadly we can only inform you that aside from walking round her house in a skimpy top and hot pants, Amanda runs her own events management company, hangs about the Halo Club night at The Cross, Kings Cross, London, sings karaoke and walks her pet Chihuahua 'Chiefy'. Come on, at least it's not quite as obvious as calling it Halo. Ok, maybe it is. Check out the bedroom too, packed with Halo goodies, almost as if it's been dressed for a photo shoot *cough*.

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Smileys3531d ago

She is hot not lame. Smileys is hotter IMO.

Smileys3531d ago

Plus this is bigger news then most of the junk on N4G.

Ju3531d ago

What? That Smileys is hotter then that girl ? LOL.

Insomnia_843531d ago

Not even this beauty would make me buy a 360.

KingME3531d ago

That's because you know there's no way you could land a beauty like that. But, if you really thought you could, and she wanted a 360, you'd be in line with the rest of the love sick fools.

GiantEnemyCrab3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Zues is still in the "girls are yucky" phase of his life. That should all change once he starts Junior High.

EDIT: Looking at this closer this is totally staged. All the Halo Wars posters give it away.

C_SoL3531d ago

That girl is HOT!!

Lemmie looky one more time.

I need some HD pics of that chick.

TheDude2dot03531d ago

Obviously fake. No girls are on the Halo. It's been proven.

Philip J Fry3531d ago

I see what you did there. Very punny, I mean funny.

Also, doesn't Microsoft know that temptations of the flesh do not work in advertisements on their programmed Xbots.

Bnet3433531d ago

She's fvcking hot. Her boobs are fake though, but cmon' who doesn't love fake boobs? I mean there is a line where it stops but her juggs are ok. BTW I don't think Zues is attracted to females ...

INehalemEXI3531d ago

whats up with those FEET?!

acedoh3531d ago

but I don't think she plays Halo. I almost had my hopes up for a hot gamer girl like that and then I saw she is obviously trying to advertise... The market for hot ladies and videogames should be six fold right now.

Awookie3531d ago

At least she doesn't have to buy flippers if she goes snorkeling

ThanatosDMC3531d ago

She's not even a fan but a model. It's not her room, btw. Also, too muscular. Nice shot with her legs pointing towards the camera. But no thanks.

MountainManBeard3531d ago

Hahahaha i was just going to say pics or it didn't happen, but they did provide pics lol. And although they did provide pics lets see if she can actually turn on an xbox360, and then i will believe it, and as far as her dog and it's name goes. Knowing M$ they probably bought her the dog named "chiefy" lol. Anyways this articles only makes me wish my girlfriend didn't consider it nerdy and an excuse to join a sausage fest to play Halo/anything not Rock Band.

Alcon3531d ago

OMG!! My conception of the world is completly trashed!!! I thought only ugly people played video games!! <SHOCKED> ;)

andyo133531d ago

that shes not as big a fan as she apears to be there. i mean who would of obtained so many posters so soon. Not only that but she's using a tv that microsoft always uses for their demo kiosks. so im pretty sure they got a model and gave her all that stuff to look like a fan

qshooterp3531d ago

Soooooooo hot, want to touch the hiney!!

TheDude2dot03531d ago

This is a pathetic attempt at the marketing strategy of "Sex sells... especially to nerds". MS can do better than this. Either find a hot gamer (that really exists) or get a really hot pornstar if you don't feel like searching (or you truly can't find anyone).

ThanatosDMC3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I agree. Guess, a lot of people drooling over this chick has not had a girl yet let alone get intimate with one.

Psst, your left hand is not different from your right. They dont count as girlfriends.

FrankenLife3531d ago

First of all No Girls On The Internetssss. She may play the game, but not on XBL.

Second, I didn't think she was hot till I saw the pic of her holding an iron.

GameGambits3531d ago

If they HAD tried to convince people t his was her real room I would've lmaoed. Glad they said it was just made for a photo shoot, because no one buys the same exact posters like 3 times each for Halo Wars.

Makes sense they'd pick an airhead big chested girl to promote Halo Wars though, because everyone else with brain cells knows this game is major fail.

Dark-vash3531d ago

It's funny how people notice this kind of details with a hot girl on screen! XD

N4360G3531d ago

Anyone that likes Halo automatically sucks.

Bad_Karma3531d ago

LOL what a total crock of $hit

kparks3531d ago

she is pretty good looking but i cant help to think this was all set up with how the posters are on the wall and the layout of the room looks a little ridicules.. and a girl thats that addicted to HALO OR ANY game is a big turn off for me anyway. like if i walked into this room with her and was not expecting it i would be a little scared and looking for a way out really

waldopepper3531d ago

"Amanda runs her own events management company"
Shocker! Attractive woman who works in marketing tells a reporter that she likes Halo, they take pictures of her, she is drooled over by male gamers and it gets her publicity.


PS someone should probably tell her not to iron the prints on her tops that way around.

Stubacca3531d ago

B*tch needs a good lay.

Or maybe a Playstation 3.

-And how dodgy is that room?!! Like 'Miss Style' lives in THAT room! Shameless product plug!

burbulla3530d ago

If Microsoft through such a girl in with every xbox, I might consider of getting one for myself. Oh who am I kidding, I will buy a truck load of xboxes.

OllyOultram3530d ago

She obviously doesnt know how to play halo judging by image 2, shes not even facing the same way as the screen!!

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HajAminSaniBinJihadi3532d ago

Filthy people

When will you stop prejudice against woman.

Woman are not Sex tool

Makidian3532d ago

Maybe not where you come from.....if she didn't want the attention or the title she wouldn't have done it. She is one good looking lady, and that can't be denied. Me, I'm off to pick up a 360 and get a friend request out to her ASAP, although so is anyone else who takes a gander at the article.

XxZxX3531d ago

Sexs sell, can't argue with them.

Awookie3531d ago

Your right they can cook and clean to.

Don't hurt me feminists

FrankenLife3531d ago

They aren't so much a sex tool as they are a Sex automated device. Just like talking to a coffee maker won't get you anywhere, the same is true for women.

christian hour3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Is this REALLY todays hottest story? Really? Come on! Just goes to show the kind of childish immature people we get around here! Boys. And fans.

*edit* Yes My comment turned point-the-finger there towards the end but that was unintentional...

It just kinda happened :P

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-GametimeUK-3532d ago

if this was about a woman liking something sony related this site would be all over it

CrazzyMan3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I would wonder, if it wouldn`t.

Not to mention, that if you wanted to have a GREAT gaming experience last 10 years, you HAD TO have a PLAYSTATION console.

Any reason, why there shouldn`t be MANY PlayStation fans on any site?
Unless you are 10-12 years old boy, there is no reason for a gamer not be a PlayStation fan.

StephanieBBB3531d ago

Could you please cry alittle to the left? Your blocking the view of the hot chick.

SinnedNogara3531d ago

She lives in Britian. Damn it!! I live in New Mexico (which is a state!!). CRAP, she was hot!!

dalibor3531d ago

Haha don't worry I am sure there are hotties in New Mexico also bro. Man, this chick is a freak, having so many posters of Halo like that in her room. I am into gaming but I don't even have a poster of anything gaming related in my room. I bet she got a ton of people asking her for her gaming id haha.

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RUPITY3532d ago

Just shut up about n4g being sony-this-sony-that,so what if n4g has more sony lovers

edgeofblade3531d ago

I'll tell you what's wrong with it...

ukilnme3531d ago

Maybe people would shut up about it if the N4G Sony fanatics ^^^ would stop complaining about the bias againt their beloved Sony. Just a guess on my part.

LeonSKennedy4Life3531d ago

How long have you guys been on this site?

It's only been like this for a few months.

For about 4 years, there were WAY more Xbox fans on this site...and DJ, MaddensRaiders, and I took the majority of the beatings.

mephixto3531d ago

Ohhh!! those old good days when the RealDeal and his thousands fake accounts posting crap before the launch of the PS3, now he have mindless fanboys..sigh...

XxZxX3531d ago

Don't you love XBOX 360 fanboy. When they lost bubbles, it's not they are trolling. It's Sony fanboy unfairly treat them. Nice finger pointing there eh?

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lokiroo4203532d ago

FUnny considering halo fans dont like women let alone see and touch any.

NegativeCreep4273531d ago

Breasts and Vagina's are known as the MS butt-buddies Kryptonite!

Bladestar3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

how would you know... are you dating some of them?
implying that Halo fans don't like women... it also means you are holding some of their gravity hammers...

it seems like both of you are letting your insecurity eat you think women may start creating some competition for you?

NegativeCreep4273531d ago

I have always wondered why Internet Idiots like you Bladestar automatically assume that when someone even mentions something that is sexually suggestive you go off and make claims that that person is "insecure" and has no game.

What about Hugh Hefner? The head editor and pioneer of the Playboy empire. After him mentioning certain traits within men and offering advice that help men attract 5-star females in his publications, I assume that you also consider Hugh Hefner as some "insecure" man that can't get any.

By that lame, stereo-typical rebuttal that you and several other internet idiots make, it appears that the only ones being exposed for being insecure and unable to get women are morons like you.

goflyakite3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Good marketing.
I can see it now, some bot will buy this thinking he'll get a chance to play with her.

sad, sad bots..

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