Family Friendly Gaming Review: My DoItAll

FFG writes: "MyDoItAll is another piece of software on the Nintendo DS that stretches the definition of what a video game is. There are some games included on this cartridge, but the main focus is the calendar, journal, notepad, scheduler, calculator, and voice changer. We are not hung up at Family Friendly Gaming on things like the definition of a video game. We look at each product, and ask a few questions. Is it family friendly? Is it fun? Is it inclusive? These are a few of the things we ask when we review games, DVDs, and whatever else we wind up reviewing.

The graphics in MyDoItAll are pretty bland. There are a lot of choices in creating the characters persona, and that scores a lot of points with me. The colors used are soft, but never quite pop (at least for me). The calendars look nice, and I also like the look of the calculator. I did not find any offensive images while playing this game."

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