Can Movie Downloads Revive Sales of Sony's PSP?

Anticipation grows as technophiles eagerly await the launch of Sony's new video download service for its PlayStation Portable (PSP). Although Sony spokesperson Al de Leon declined to comment on the service's launch, there's no shortage of commentary going on: Bloggers, analysts, and investors are all speculating about Sony's new video downloading service...

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Torch4334d ago

that PSP sales have been finally rising as of late.

Let's hope so, 'cause I love my little PSP.

Don't get greedy, Sony...keep the prices reasonable this time around, unlike your infamous UMD releases, which often cost as much as - if not more - than their DVD counterparts, but always for a lot less in return.

If the costs of downloading remain fair (i.e, a couple of bucks per feature), they've definitely got my money.

PS360WII4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Movie downloads won't solve the problem. If they look at last week sales Sony should know what to do to save the PSP. A game called Monster Portable 2nd came out last week and sold 750k in one day and boosted the unit sales of PSP. So Sony should not be saying 'hey lets release some movies for PSP' they should say 'Lets bring some new and original games to the PSP and it'll sell better' instead of giving it a ps2 ports and watching sales decline

grifter0244334d ago

I dont think anything can bring back the psp... The movie thing and the ps3 combination will make users use the thing more but it wont bring in more people. The PSP ship has come and gone... I knew that it wouldnt have an effect on the handheld market and seems like I was right... Most of the stores down here from Sam Goody to Gamestop are slowely talking out the PSP from their store. It wont save the handheld just stave off its death for a little while longer.

Contra264334d ago

more multiplayers games that doesnt require players to have two of the same discs.

Look at nintendo DS... I've seen 5 people play bomberman with just one game..

That's why I downgraded my PSP until sony can do something about it.

kewlkat0074334d ago

does anybody here have a PSP because of Homebrew?

I had a PSP and sold it cause..well no good games. While I love the graphics on the damn thing, I hated the load times, and the Analog could be better. I sold my PSP and got a DS lite, while I have been enjoying Portrait of ruin, and yoshi on the subway, I'm thinking of getting a PSP again. there are some games I wanna playing the future, like Final Fantasy Tactics which I never really finished on PSone.

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