Crackdown: Climb the Agency Tower ... in a SUV?

Climbing the Agency Tower in Crackdown can be difficult, especially if you miss a jump and fall hundreds of feet to your sure death. But what if you could safely drive up the tower, you know, plop your four tires on the building's exterior and Spider Man your way up to the top. Well, it looks like it is possible as 007craft discovered a bug where he can climb the Agency Tower with his SUV.

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calderra4244d ago

Where's the bug?
That all looks like standard gameplay to me...

Sphinx4244d ago

The SUV can climb walls once the driver's driving skill reaches 4 stars.

2tired2day2hate4244d ago

to answer the other people's questions on that site, here's how you get the suv to the tower. once you select it in "the keep" you have to drive into one of the 3 tunnels because you cant pick up the suv inside "the keep". drive about 50 feet passed the entrance to the tunnel and you can pick it up. walk back inside and look for the holes in the ceiling. you cant jump through the holes while holding the suv suv but you can stand underneath it and look straight up, then throw the suv through the hole.

jpod4244d ago

hehe not bad, i never thought about that.

Havince4244d ago

then i can do the darn roof races that involve the tower.......well the one where its just one checkpoint, i think the multi checkpoint one would be hard 2 do

jpod4244d ago

there is like one that rooftop race that does exactly what the two achievements are, with no other checkpoints. i think the other ones require other checkpoints.