10° Preview: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars writes: " It's probably fair to say that the ultra violent anarchy of GTA and the family friendly casual gaming image of Nintendo at the moment aren't the most natural of gaming bed fellows. So, to see Rockstar's colossal franchise making its way onto the humble DS is something of a surprise. A surprise made all the more pleasing by the fact it seems to have stayed true to the series' gritty crime-riddled roots.

Set in an almost completely recreated Liberty City, the first thing you'll notice about Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is its return to the top-down view fans may remember from the first two GTA games way back in the mists of time. This shift in perspective, while clearly a hardware-based necessity, looks like it could suit the move to the DS perfectly, especially since Rockstar seem to have pulled a surprisingly speedy and detailed 3D engine out of the bag."

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