MEGamers Review: F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin

MEGamers writes: "You played as the nameless 'point man', a recent induction in the First Encounter Assault Recon Force (F.E.A.R), in the original, an intense horror shooter from Monolith. The game followed the point man's struggle against an army of super clone, psychically controlled super soldiers and a creepy, straight out of The Ring little girl called Alma. By the end of the first game, point man learns of Alma's horrific past and how both their fate is tied together. F.E.A.R was a phenomenal mix of tight storytelling, horror elements and intense fire fights. It was a superb success and arguably one of the best horror shooter every made.

Now, after four long years, not so decent console ports and horrendous expansion packs later, Monolith has finally come out with the true 'expansion' of the original, F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin. And not only is it a worthy successor to the original, but in more ways than one, surpasses it."

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