CSM: Nascar Kart Racing Review

Unfortunately, the game suffers from intrusive and relentless corporate advertising. Ads are par for the course in NASCAR, but in NASCAR Kart Racing ads aren't just limited to the drivers' cars and firesuits, but to trackside billboards and even the game menus (the restart screen is "sponsored" by Coke Zero, for example). Even a power-up meant to distract by temporarily blocking your view of the track acts by flashing a giant logo of the sponsor of the attacking driver across the screen. The in-game dialogue is peppered with references to "NASCAR (R)" and the "Sprint Cup (TM)," too. Players willing to put up with this, however, will find an entertaining and laid back racing game that captures the spirit of NASCAR.

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Voiceofreason3530d ago

Man that site is crap for reviews.. Nascar is all about advertising, why expect them to not have that in a Nascar game? It is like wanting a Star trek game but not with the Enterprise or any known character. Or asking for a GTA game to not have violence and drug references. Add this to the fact that they dont even know the difference between a true FPS and an on rails FPS and it is easy to see this site has no place reviewing games.