Another Major Game Retailer Goes Bust

Administrators for UK entertainment retailer Zavvi have announced that its remaining stores will cease trading by February 20th. This follows the closing down of other entertainment retailers like Woolworths earlier in the year.

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gaffyh3625d ago

So basically Zavvi closed because of Woolworths :(. Both were great stores.

Cajun Chicken3625d ago

I got the cheapest GTAIV special edition for PS3 from here. I really liked the prices at this place.
Now they're totally bust, great, now that just keeps the overlord HMV to do whatever they want to.

gaffyh3625d ago

I remember reading somewhere that HMV is going to investigated because it has bought many Zavvi stores, and the Office of Fair Trading is making sure that HMV aren't creating a monopoly.

Competition is always a good thing, so I hope something can come to replace zavvi

Cajun Chicken3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I don't HATE HMV, but come on, they virtually don't have any highstreet competition now. HMV are free to do as they want and GAME own Gamestation, its only supermarkets and online services as competition now.

Music Zone, Woolworths, Virgin Megastore (rebranded to Zavvi), now Zavvi. Where the heck am I supposed to shop in high streets now?