Hardware Home: Blu-Ray overtakes HD-DVD sales

"The latest sales numbers appear to indicate that Blu-ray has taken the lead over HD DVD in terms of title sales since inception. According to Nielsen VideoScan First Alert data, cited by Home Media Magazine, Blu-ray has racked up a slight lead in unit sales -- 100 units to every 98.71 units of HD DVD.

Up until the recent market stats released by Nielsen VideoScan, HD DVD held the lead in overall titles sold. Some attribute HD DVD's previous lead to the format's head start and less expensive players. Blu-ray Discs experienced a considerable surge in sales following the holiday season, eclipsing HD DVD sales numbers by two to three times...

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TheMART4245d ago

"100 units to every 98.71 units of HD DVD."

So BluRay isn't winning as much as Sony wanted the public to believe?

A clear winner is still not there. Funny how Sony fanboys still always shout that HD-DVD is dead, when they're selling about the same amount of players.

With that included, those HD-DVD players sold are clearly sold for playing movies, while PS3's are mainly sold for playing games. At least, we may believe so.

The 'next gen' format is not choosen and maybe it won't even be choosen. The mass is still on DVD. Only 5% or so of all TV's are HDTV's. Which make 95% that have no use for HD video players.

We might see that the digital distribution will take off in a bigger way then any next gen videoplayer will. And for sure BR isn't a clear winner. These numbers are still to small, no mass buying anything there yet

StateofMind4245d ago

HD-DVD is older than Blu-ray and therefore always had an edge in "total sales since inception." Blu-ray has been slaughtering HD-DVD in the past several months, and "100 to 98.71" only indicates that it recently surpassed it in total sales(ever).

OldSchoolGamer4245d ago

more actual HD-DVDs than Sony is selling Blu-Ray DVDs. It's great and all that PS3's are tallied and are selling ok compared to innovators for HD-DVD (take a marketing class), but if they aren't selling any movies on the system and most people still use DVD's how does that help in the format war? Early adopters haven't even started their purchasing of either. Again Sony forcing gamers to buy a Blu-Ray player seems funny to me, how about a good game or two. I'll stick to good old DVD's until prices on a good dual player or one side wins it out for sure, no beta-max for me.

Merovee4245d ago

Their talking movies not Players.

MikeMichaels4245d ago

...on this, We get it!

Every 3 days it's flippin Blueray surpasses HD-DVD. Or, Blueray has sold this many to one.

Ok, it's selling more, thanks.

power of Green 4245d ago

Die PS3 DIE!!!!. Games are hani capped on the 360 when PS3's in-mind in most cases.

StateofMind4245d ago

@power of Green

You've got to be kidding...

kewlkat0074245d ago

TIT 4 TAT This and That.....

moving on..

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