Rumor: UK's GAME has at least 80 PS3 pre-orders per Store

A member of staff from the UK's leading videogame retailer known as GAME has stated that every store has gone beyond 80 pre-orders (small ones), with the flagship stores nearly hitting 200 pre-order sales each! According to him, GAME have approximately 50% of the UK's PS3 stock allocation and are still guarantee launch day delivery for new orders.

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SuperSaiyan44246d ago

My local store did have at most 50 pre-orders and in just 2 weeks has had over 15 cancelled pre-orders so minus that from 50 and see that you get way less than 80.

I think this RUMOUR is a false as me saying Xbox 360 is being used by NASA.

DC RID3R4246d ago


I'm not saying that NOBODY wants a PS3, but from what I've heard from a couple gamestation employees (ggamestation>Game in the uk), the PS3 pre-order situation as it stands, is nothing like the wii, pre-launch.

Bullseye4246d ago

I don't see why those numbers wouldn't be true, there are plenty of hardcore Sony fans in u.k just as anywhere else. I have spoken to quite a few people who just want a PS3 and are not interested in any other console. Whether the initial sales figures can be maintained,is another question, but i'm sure there will be lots sold at release.

Marty83704246d ago

The article states that 'GAME' has nearly 50% of what Sony has allocated for the UK market. The numbers sound plausable. As for the other retailers numbers they bount to be lower as they won't have as many PS3's to sell. Play, HMV, Virgin Megastores, Woolworths have all said pre-orders are higher than that of either X360 or Wii.

PSN Starfleets4246d ago

I doubt this. You telling me people that more people are willing to shell out around £500..than £300 (360 last year) or £200? (Wii)

Lol. Sony must aswell double it's price if that's the case.

lilwingman4246d ago

If people really want the product, then yes? It's not unreasonable for people to pay more money for something they want.

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The story is too old to be commented.