Fry's Electronics Still Selling HD DVD

HD DVD has been officially declared dead for more than a year. But that hasn't stopped Fry's Electronics from offering the former high-definition packaged media rival to Blu-ray to video game aficionados - at bargain prices.

The San Jose, Calif.-based chain is offering the HD DVD player attachment for the Microsoft Xbox 360 game system and five movies (King Kong, Batman Begins, 300, Troy and Blood Diamond) for $54.99 online at and select stores, according to a newspaper circular.

The same player bundled with Kong, Heroes: Season One and Battlestar Galactica: Season One can be had for $49.99 (and $39.99 with just Kong). Select HD DVD titles are available in stores (right next to Blu-ray) for as little $4.99.

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1ikedamaster3556d ago

Not a bad deal. It actually plays movies my 360 refuses to play(I used to own one). Keep in mind also that HD-DVD has some 1080p movies as well. ;)