Kombo Review: Onslaught for WiiWare is Good But Could Have Been Better

As a first, Onslaught gives Wii owners a taste of what can be done through WiiWare. Kombo suspects that because of the 40MB limit Hudson had to omit any local multiplayer which is quite a shame to be honest. It would have made the game a lot more fun. Here's to hoping that when the SD storage update is released Nintendo will increase the limit and give developers a bit more space to work with.

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PS360WII3625d ago

Not bad for a WiiWare title. I might have to download this title just to see it in action :)

Myst3625d ago

The video makes the game look quite interesting, seems like it would be a great game to keep playing for those who may be waiting for the conduit (such as those who only have the Wii as a primary console). I will admit I'm quite tempted to purchase and download this title :).