Gamespot: Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Review

Prinnies are done with being used as mere cannon fodder in other people's elaborate games of turn-based war. The combustible penguins from the Disgaea series have ditched the strategic grid in favor of a starring role in an action platformer, but even though they've turned their back on being hurled at enemy forces against their will, that doesn't mean that they're any less fun to play with. The intense action is always rewarding and downright heart-pounding at times so the shift in genre shouldn't be too devastating for longtime fans of these sinful penguins. There are some control quirks that will cause more than a few cheap deaths, but the devious level design, intense boss battles, and ridiculous story make this a must-play adventure for both Disgaea purists looking for a change of pace and 2D action fans looking to appease their hyperactive thumbs.

The Good:
* Boss encounters are tense and thrilling
* Crafty level design
* Ridiculous, funny story
* Challenging but not cheap.

The Bad:
* Control issues
* End boss is stupidly hard.

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PS360WII3533d ago

Aww another one who doesn't like the controls. Though this one defines them more. I still don't think the jump feature is bad as it's part of the game design and challenge. Moving around in the air after a jump makes things to easy ;)

Though the delay on the butt stomp can get you hit, but the having to finish your attack before you can move makes sense.

Yet will all the bad they still say it's a good game so hurray :)