The Hot 100 Game Developers Of 2007

Next Generation is proud to present this year's Hot 100 Game Developers, ordered by the impact these extraordinary people are having on the 2007 game industry. They selected the Hot 100 based primarily on their studio's market success in 2006 and potential market success in 2007.

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The BS Police4429d ago

Frankie from Bungie should have been number one not Cliffy, lol.

THAMMER14429d ago

But Cliffy B. has made me every bit as much of a Gears of War fan as I am a Halo fan. He also did this in 2006/2007 so for right now I agree With next gen 100%. When Bungie releases Halo in late 2007 early 2008 then Frank may get this #1 spot if they fully deliver.