Claification - Some PS3 games may have no Trophy support in 09

Clearing up the issue of Trophy support in PS3 titles following the discovery that Shellshock 2: Blood Trails does not support the feature.

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Kamikaze1353621d ago

Obviously whoever wrote this article doesn't know how to read. Sony announced that every game announced within and after 2009 will have to include trophies - not every game released in and after 2009 that's already been announced.

GWAVE3621d ago

Please. Stop. You can't expect the internet to actually take PR statements at FACE VALUE, can you? It needs to be skewed, twisted, mangled, taken out of context, and misrepresented to be considered "news worthy" on the internet. Sheeesh.

GrieverSoul3621d ago

Well, Sony said it but the fact is that thopies arent here in 2009!
Hell, Eternal Sonata released last week in Europe and no trophies in it!

Also, Who wants to bet Street Fighter 2 HD wont have trophies when its released tomorrow?!

Whats worse is that Capcom said the approve process was taking too long because trophies were mandatory in 2009!!!

My head hurts! I cant understand anything! One says yes, the other says not really and the other says maybe!

Lucreto3621d ago


All the games you mentioned were already released in 2008 before the 2009 deadline. As Europe gets everything last like Eternal Sonata which was released in the US in 2008 they did not need to give trophies and they still don't have to.

Cajun Chicken3621d ago

Every game nearing full development and released in 2009 and onwards. Not games that were nearing development in 2008...Sigh.

Kouzmich3621d ago

Who cares about that game ? When FEAR2 is out and KZ2 is on it's way.

Tomkar3621d ago

That is not the point is it? The point is that they said it's mandatory but we still see titles without this great feature. Which might make developers lazier and skip this! Who cares what game it is. Maybe someone prefer Shellshock 2: Blood Trails for some wierd as hell reason(could somehow be possible if it's somebody retarded)

dale13621d ago

shell shock needs more than trophys a complete rebuild would be good 2 out of ten said it all.

Pennywise3621d ago

Are people actually playing this game that doesnt get paid to play(review) it? There are too many good games to be giving this game a single look.

Fishy Fingers3621d ago

I'm renting it, should be good for a laugh. 2/10, no way I'm missing out on that :)

Jdoki3621d ago

Lol Fishy!

I love renting really awful games every now and then, just to see how bad they really are! gamer/dvd package FTW! Although you could argue we are perpetuating the development of awful games by renting these titles!

Pennywise3621d ago

Fishy, I saw a 1/10 yesterday. Should be frustrating and disappointing, unless you are using it to kick your gaming addiction.

Fishy Fingers3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Ha, I just love trying them out. Bit like movies really, I'll take the rough with the smooth you know. I recall some of my fondest gaming (or movie) moments are from playing stuff like this with friends! They're soooo crap they're somehow "good".

Plus, imagine going from this to KZ2 ;)

Edit: Seems we have a disagree fairy doing the rounds :)

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