LEGO: What New Games Should We See Next

Today Lego like Nintendo is a household name that drives kids absolutely nuts. From Legoland to Lego video games, the Lego brand is here to stay. When it comes video games Legos are very popular, even with adults, trust me I play Lego Indiana Jones regularly. Currently there are several Star War based Lego video games, an Indiana Jones video game and also a Batman Lego video game. All of these titles can be found on multiple consoles and sales have been quite impressive over the life span of these titles with Batman Lego bringing up the rear.

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Cajun Chicken3556d ago

Lego Universe is going to rock if its anything like the Lego 'Movie series' and Lego Creator series.
Aah, I'm still a kid at heart.

Yi-Long3556d ago

... I'd like to see a Lego Marvel Universe, set in an open world/city, and with RPG elements.

Furthermore I'd like to see a Battlefield 2-style Lego GI JOE, with all the Joe and Cobra vehicles.

Shadowolf3555d ago

A Lego Marvel Universe would be SICK!! Cooperative online battles, awesome!

BlackIceJoe3555d ago

Back to the Future Lego series would be great. I would love to see Doc Lego and Marty Mcfly Lego's. I think Jurassic Park Lego game could be like a survival horror game. The Jason Bourne game could be like a Stealth game. Lord of the Rings would also be great too. I love the Lego series games. They may not be the hardest games out there but they sure are fun.