Street Fighter II HD Remix hits European Playstation Store tomorrow

TGS writes: "Capcom have confirmed, in a surprise move, that the long-awaited Street Fighter II HD Remix will hit PSN tomorrow (February 19th).

The game will be priced at £11.99 or 14.99 Euros."

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Supa3527d ago

This just in "Disgruntled Europeans cry out in agony after months of waiting, when they found out they'll receive SSFIITHDR mere hours before the midnight launch of SFIV."

TheTwelve3527d ago

I'm REALLY sorry about this...really. This is an insult. You get SFHD on the same day SFIV comes out? This some kind of joke? I viewed SFHD as a warm-up for SFIV.

Capcom failed you guys this time around, and as a big SF fan, I would be VERY pissed by this.


Andronix3527d ago

The Street Fighter II HD remix was a great idea because it updated one of my favourite classic games with some new graphics. Like theTwelve says, it was a great way to warm-up/ create interest for SF IV. But UK/Europe didn't get it. I did play the demo on Xbox Live and loved it, but for fighting games I prefer the PS d-pad so I decided to wait...

..and what has happened? Capcom release SFII the day before the official release of SF IV. I actually received my copy of SF IV through the post today. I've been playing it. I love it. It looks beautiful. I just don't see myself paying for this older version now. I think Capcom & SCEE have missed out on a lot of sales. The people who were going to be buying this are most likely playing Street Fighter IV. Which I recommend to everyone - but the people I played online are too good!

pain777pas3527d ago

I feel bad they get this game now, however I still recommend getting both this and the ce SF4 edition. The movie was pretty good and the game is great. I still like HD remix too so I say get both if only one SF4 is new yet remix is tried and true.

Cajun Chicken3527d ago

F***************************** *********KING HELL.

Did HELL just freeze over?!?!?!?

Firstkn1ghT3527d ago

LMAO! Talk about late to the party. It's good to be American! :)

Arsenal4Ever3527d ago

lol im not paying $22 for this. Why is it so expensive over here?

Dipso3527d ago

They can expect pitiful sales, a day before SFIV and at that ridiculous price point?!

There really is no end to the stupidity of SCEE.

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The story is too old to be commented.