Age of Conan Patch 1.04 Today

Age of Conan is being updated with patch 1.4 today, which is expected to include the long-awaited DX10 and some new instances.

Funcom have taken measures to ensure this patch goes smoothly by including code that corrects any corrupt data as it's installing. This may mean longer patching time for some players, but it will result in less down-time later due to client crashes.

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Maticus3528d ago

About time with the DX10! Can't wait to see all the new content!

Dorjan3528d ago


The same DX10 support they said on day of release?

Get out of town!

AndyA3528d ago

Finally, DX10 support.

thetamer3528d ago

This should drastically improve the game.

Avery3528d ago

DX 10 is not in this patch. It was on the test server, but they have delayed it by a few more weeks to better optimize. Instead with this patch they have opened up significant additional raid content and high level content.

Incgamers always gets the info wrong about this game.