MotorStorm: PR Update 1.01 Out Now

GamersDigest can confirm that the 1.01 patch for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is now out.

The update contains improvements and amendments to the game, and fixes for several issues reported by players on the MotorStorm forums.

Full list of changes after the jump.

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Sackdude3555d ago

Your right man, FINALLY!!!

r3xmund13555d ago

Dude are you serious, this is a great example of dev's working to make us the consumers happy....Its a major overhaul and very complrehensive...

Thanx would have been better than 'Finally'

You sound kinda spoilt, tsk

cryymoar3555d ago

one of thee absolute most underrated games of this generation. i swear, i wish this game had more hype/marketing/people that just cared.

Even Dirt, Pure, Baja, and now Fuel are trying to mimic what Motorstorm has done.

DA_SHREDDER3555d ago

the game was fine the way it was,, I dont see why they haven't released the promised weekly dlc.

bassturd3555d ago

really? I thought I mad that up. I read they were gonna release weekly DLC as well and most of it would be free.

What ever happened to that...

Regardless Motorstorm is an awesome game but still....where be this weekly DLC they spoke of?

xg-ei8ht3555d ago

Wow, that is a sweet update.

Nice Job guys.

remanutd553555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

keep them coming evo, got my platinum trophy about three days ago

Cynical-Gamerzus3555d ago

Is it just me but does this game have some serious potential to be the greatest looking racing game out there??
SOme of the sweeping shots look unbelievably "Uncharted like" but better!!!
Im thinking if the had time to address the weird texture tears and blurriness this game would look like something amazing!!
Next game Im holding my breathe but damn what a fantastic graphics masterpiece!!!

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