Inafune discusses Dead Rising 2 - Reckons Western touch will improve it

Eurogamer writes: "Capcom power-player Keiji Inafune has said collaborating with a western developer will make Dead Rising 2 a better game than the first.

Inafune explained there are limitations to developing from a single Japanese perspective. He reckons new collaborator Blue Castle understands the style and can offer an invaluable second opinion on the IP."

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Chris3993621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Look at what happened to Silent Hill 5. That was, in my opinion - and many others - the worst of the series.

Consumers are fickle creatures, they change their minds/ tastes a lot and tend to tire of things quickly. I really don't think that catering EVERY Japanese game to a Western audience (which seems to be the "thing" for Eastern developers nowadays) is going to improve the issue.

If we continue to saturate all software with Western sensibilities and tastes, we will get that "more of the same" feeling. That, and they will continue to isolate other cultures, especially the Japanese from their games (i.e. look at sales of Oblivion/ Resistance/ Halo in the West vs. the East).

I honestly think that for this and a few other reasons - cost of development, cost of next cycle of next-gen hardware, influx of casual gamers (not a bad thing, just a shift in the market that no one has really mastered yet - Nintendo is riding the wave right now, but I don't think that they're in control of it), we're headed for a market crash in a few years.

Cajun Chicken3621d ago

I never heard of Blue Castle before the whole Dead Rising 2 thing, just looked them up and they only made sport games. I suppose Capcom know what they're doing though.
Not to say I'm NOT looking forward to Dead Rising 2, I'm looking really forward to that.

GiantEnemyCrab3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Everything I'm seeing and hearing about this game(not much) does not sound like it's going to be a classic like the original was.

Already the lead character looks generic and lame. In Las Vegas(or a pseudo Vegas)?? Really? Could you be anymore unimaginative in your location. Why not a crazy amusement park or something like fans of the original asked for?

The main character what is he a stunt man?

Can't wait for the announcement its running on the Unreal engine and now has a Gears like cover system.

This is one game that didn't need a western hand in it. I'm not ready to give up on it yet, but so far so lame.