Braid PC coming to three different online distributers in March

Gamezine: Braid will release on March 31st for PCs.

Jonathan Blow's Xbox Live Arcade game Braid will make its way to PCs next month on the 31st, sufficiently avoiding the stuffed holiday channel.

Publisher Stardock will be releasing the title over its digital games service Impulse with pre-orders already being accepted.

Although we're unsure of the UK's price, the game will retail for $19.95 in the States, a little more than the Xbox 360 version. As for system requirements, if you have a PC as powerful as a desktop GeForce 6800 you should be fine.

So what if you don't want to use Stardock's Impulse service? Well the game should be coming to the more popular Steam, with Blow making it clear that he hasn't signed an exclusivity deal with Stardock.

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