World of Warcraft Series 5 Action Figures Released

DC Unlimited officially announces its World of Warcraft Series 5 Action Figures line-up, available on sale on October 28, 2009. The series 5 is composed of the following characters:

* Scourge Ghoul Rottingham • 7.25" height
* Night Elf Hunter: Alathena Moonbreeze with Sorna (owl pet) • 8.25" height
* Alliance Hero: Lo'Gosh • 8.5" height

* Illidan (Demon Form) • 11.75" height (including wings)

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Dorjan3555d ago

Action man the greatest hero of them all!


thetamer3555d ago

Action figures are awesome. Will people be opening the boxes?

Maticus3555d ago

Never open the boxes! The Lo'Gosh one is awesome.

AndyA3555d ago

Nice and detailed. Love the NIght Elf.

syrinx3555d ago

Nice, these are tasty. Keep them boxes closed :p

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