Time Traveling: Mortal Kombat II

Calin of Unigamesity talks about Mortal Kombat II, the joy of playing the game at school and the differences between the old school and today's gaming. From the article:

"It was a time when I was playing Mortal Kombat II with a bunch of kids in a school and nobody cared. When The Sun didn't jump off the roof to catch a picture with us playing, when Jack Thompson was not militating outside the building with a banner reading "kill the violent games" and when everybody was, as I already said, too amazed of what the technology could deliver and cared less about politically correct gaming and green blood infusion. And we're all alive and kicking, as you can see – we're not cannibals, we're not murderers, we're not complete failures. Because, just like the young gamers today, we're human beings, we're sane, and we can make the difference between virtual reality and real life, between good and bad, between right or wrong."

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II Necroplasm II3527d ago

I remember the day when this came out.

One of the best days in my life.