Street Fighter Producer is Eager to Pump Out More SF IV writes "Yesterday SF IV hit North American shores… and Capcom is already up to their 'each numbered entry is an entire franchise' shenanigans. In an interview with Yoshinori Ono , the producer of SF IV, he says that T. Hawk and Dee Jay, the two missing characters from the Super Street Fighter 2 cast, had completed 3D models and were having their move set fleshed out when they stopped production on them for reasons he doesn't mention.

Is there a chance we'll still get to see them?

Hell yeah! Yoshinori Ono says that he's eager to do a SF IV: Championship Edition that would contain the lost characters, as well as potentially adding even more bulk to the already substantial cast. I personally would want to see Hugo so that I could finally live out the Hugo VS Zangief grudge match that's been playing out in my head for years. What Street Fighter vet would you want to see in glorious 3d? "

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pwnsause3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

if they were to do that, that would be cool,just please don't make us pay for an extra disc. thats what DLC is for.

mrperrect19763625d ago

couldn't agree more, they second the first version comes out he says about a champion edition, i don't think so, dlc is the only way he can please us in that way not by making us pay full whack again for a game we already have with just a few extras

Mercurys Phoenix3625d ago

There's nothing wrong with them releasing new versions of the game with additional content to attract new buyers, but they should have the content available to current users as DLC.

LightofDarkness3625d ago

Guy was a decent character, he would fit in nicely. In fact, I hope they do a whole new Alpha game much in the vein of SFIV. I want to see my air-blocking, alpha counters, multi-level super-combos and the many other nuances of the alpha system. Hi-res 2D art would be nice, but I imagine they'd opt for the cheaper and easier 3D approach. Better yet, give me Capcom vs. SNK 3!!! That's where my dream matches lie, Ryo/Kyo vs. Ryu (or Dan really, since Dan is a parody of Ryo), Rugal vs. Bison, Geese vs. Gen, Terry vs. Ken, Mai vs. Chun-Li... This list goes on for a while...

Mercurys Phoenix3625d ago

I always wondered why they left out Dee Jay and T. Hawk considering they were aiming to celebrate SFII in the new instalment. Dee Jay could certainly hold his own in SFII, and whilst T. Hawk wasn't perfect he still was unique in his own right. Both would have worked very well in IV.

Also, there hasn't been any love for Street Fighter III in IV. Perhaps it was the wrong direction for the franchise, but it still has its own group of core fans who would want it to be recognised. Alex was the poster boy for the game - maybe he should have made the call? The series has a few characters who would have fit in well.

I'd be happy for them to turn Street Fighter IV into its own franchise, but only if they didn't leave buyers of the original in the dark. For me to buy a new edition, it'd have to have more than a few new characters in it. If that was all it was, I'd expect to be able to download them from Marketplace rather than shelling out another £30.

For new characters, I'd want Dee Jay and T. Hawk for definite; Alex, Elena, Ibuki, Hugo and Makoto from Street Fighter III; and Eagle and Ingrid from the Alpha series.

knamelis3625d ago

It's funny that we used to gripe about DLC.. and now we're like... BRING ON THE DLC!

I guess it depends on the title...