New "Scene" expansion announced for MGO

Famitsu has revealed the next expansion pack for MGO, expected for a March release. Dubbed "Scene," this expansion includes three new maps (Outer Outlet, Ravaged Riverfront, Hazard House) and two new characters (Vamp and Raiden). Its interesting to note that Ravaged Riverfront, a map previewed long before the game was released, has gone from a day setting to dusk. Click for scans and more.

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WildArmed3530d ago

How about trophies with that update while your at it XD

dragunrising3530d ago

I predict that MGS4 will be re-released in a "platinum" version with Trophies. I will not be happy when I'm compelled to re-buy this game :-p

@ 2- agreed Konami needs to add the maps to PSN and do away with Konami codes to play. Main reason I don't play the multiplayer.

pwnsause3530d ago

not to mention move the damn game to the PSN and the store so I can buy the damn expansions?

Jerk1203530d ago

This game kinda sucks but atleast it's better than Killzone 2.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3530d ago


+ The LBP/MGS4 Level pack is well FUN!!! ;-P
Hope they do a LBP/KillZone 2 Level pack!!! ;-P ;-P ;-P

Sack-boy + Rocket Launcher!!! ;-D

table3530d ago

addicted to this game for a while its just that good.

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The story is too old to be commented.