Howard: "Wii is getting stuck with quick-buck games"

Bethesda's Todd Howard's said his main industry concern is that Wii's being under-served with shoddy software aimed at exploiting children.

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ChickeyCantor3532d ago

Hey but isn't he also the one who said that there is a development team working on some " cool " game with waggle fest?!

So Todd how much more attention do you want with your "wise" words.


Meryl3532d ago

unfortunately the wii has become one of the biggest shovelware platforms ever in its small time of being dominant, never ever do i remember so much shovelware being put out in such a short time.
luckily companies are starting to come around slowly, that quick buck games are good for money short term wise but affect your image and customers will then not buy any more of your products because of bad reputation, you see making games is all about maintaining a fine balance between quality, game play and value, yet still making a profit.

FinalomegaS3532d ago

would love if Nintendo started to do QC again on 3rd party games.

Have a new rating system for the shovelware.

1st party Nintendo
2nd party (Retro and others)
3rd party EA,CAPCOM,SE etc
4th party all others under the sun that make games that are considered shovelware..ala Ninjabread man =/

Would be funny to head over to EB and walk around, take a look at the game box..hmmm turn it around and notice a 4th party sticker (stay clear of that game).

I really don't know how we can fix this issue, the amount of shovelware is getting to critical mass now.

Myst3532d ago

It may be true, but that's the beauty of having options in this capitalistic market. Thing is you don't have to chose those games, since their are other developers competing for some "face" value on the Wii. Granted there are quite a few games I would stick clear of, but amidst all of those games there are some really priceless gems that are either out or coming out. It's just a matter of waiting as the developers who actually want to produce a gem of a game don't want to rush it (Which is probably why Tri has taken so long).

Though the author states that both seemed to be targeted toward a specific field of gaming, perhaps it may be an indication for their studio to step in and make a game for both :)? Besides the PS3 I don't see as becoming another kill-fest with the introduction of a few games like LBP and flower. Overall I'd say the Wii may be aimed at kids quite a bit, but their are some nice games that aren't kid related that have or are coming out (House of the dead Overkill being one.) Just takes time is all, and seems some people forget that when developers don't want to make a "Quick-buck" game :)

wiizy3532d ago

stop talking and bring on some games